3 Secrets to a Complete Engineering Solution

Watch this on-demand webinar with TriMech Application Engineer, JC Gandiaga, as he reveals three secrets to a complete engineering solution.

About This On-Demand Webinar

In this webinar, Application Engineer, JC Gandiaga, demonstrates a full design cycle incorporating 3D scanning, CAD design and 3D printing. Using Artec Eva and Artec Studio, JC takes a real pumpkin, scans it and recreates a version ready to be 3D printed. Not only does this provide a pumpkin that will last long past the trick-or-treaters, but by being able to optimize your reverse engineering workflow with all 3 tools, you are getting a huge edge over your competition by becoming an engineering solution one-stop-shop. He teaches you how to:

  • 3D scan with an Artec Eva and Space Spider
  • Maximize scan-to-print capabilities
  • Optimize your reverse engineering workflow
  • Design and 3D print jigs and fixtures
  • Become a one-stop-shop for engineering solutions

Watch your design to come to life after learning about capturing data and manipulating it with CAD. Your design possibilities are endless.