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3D Printed World Cup

By <a href="" target="_self">Sarah Smith</a>

By Sarah Smith

Posted on December 21, 2022

TriMech globalized in 2022 with the acquisition of Javelin Technologies, based in Canada, and Solid Solutions in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

TriMech’s social committee felt it was fitting to get the teams enlivened with a virtual soccer (or football if you like) match viewing party with quizzes, prop bet style guesses, and a FIFA World Cup bracket challenge. Each with a winner gaining a prize.


These aren’t your average prizes. The Social committee orchestrated utilizing 3D models created in SOLIDWORKS and 3D printing technologies at our very own Advanced Manufacturing service bureau!

3D Printed Soccer Ball Stands

The soccer ball stands were modeled by one of our SOLIDWORKS course trainers, Tom Ayers. After a design consultation he was able to take our vision and create it digitally in SOLIDWORKS. He used an extruded revolve cut to create the base, added ribs for internal support, and then added the TriMech logo detail to the front.

TriMech soccer ball stands in SOLIDWORKS

TriMech Ball Stand Modeled in SOLIDWORKS

Our Additive Manufacturing team produced these stands for our six winning team members who will receive a special FIFA 2022 Qatar ball to sit upon it.

TriMech 3D printed soccer ball stands in Neo Watershed Black

3D Printed Ball Stands Printed on the Stratasys Neo in Watershed Black

3D Printed World Cup

One of our SOLIDWORKS experts modeled the World Cup trophy for our Global Technology event. Richard Earley used SOLIDWORKS and XShape primarily and then he utilized a colleague, Michael Ash’s, Globe model for the top section. To see more on how he accomplished this check out our on-demand webinar.

Our Advanced Manufacturing facility took it from there. They assessed the file, part geometry, and the project requirements and chose to print the part on their Stratasys Neo in Watershed Black. This print has minimally visible layer lines due the machine’s ability to print in 4 thousandths of an inch slice height. As a matter of fact, it can print at 2 thousandths for extra detailed resolution.

The part was cleaned up through the Post Processing equipment at the shop before heading to the finishing department. The craftsman hand sanded the part, spray applied primer, and model effects gold paint in their walk-in spray booth to give it the perfect trophy shine.

Below, you’ll see the completed 3D printed and painted replica. Our team has capabilities for custom finishing for appearance prototyping and display models.

TriMech 3D Printed World Cup Replica

Completed 3D Printed Replica

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Article by <a href="" target="_self">Sarah Smith</a>

Article by Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith is a Hardware Products Marketing Specialist for the TriMech Advanced Manufacturing business