Aerospace Industry

TriMech Advanced Manufacturing Services provides companies in the Aerospace Industry with 3D printing, prototyping, advanced tooling and production assistance.

Aerospace Solutions

TriMech provides aerospace manufacturers with prototyping, advanced tooling and production applications. 3D printed parts are now commonplace on aircraft and spacecraft — cementing the technology as an engineering mainstay.

Our industry knowledge and our abilities to support high requirement applications is what brings aerospace companies to us. Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM) with additive manufacturing allows for the creation of rigid, lightweight aerospace parts, leveraging advanced materials such as ULTEM 9085, not achievable with other manufacturing methods.

Aerospace Customer Benefits

Our customers, such as L3, Bombardier, Boeing and Standard Aero are but a few partners benefiting from these advancements in additive technologies and materials. Like others in the aerospace industry, they are experiencing performance improvements with superior lightweight part design from integrated structures and component consolidation.

By reducing weight, part count, design constraints and supply-chain risk, additive manufacturing is creating new production efficiencies for the aerospace industry.

How TriMech helps Aerospace Manufacturers:

Create Certified Production Parts

Fly with less weight, reduce complexity, and simplify production with certified 3D printed parts.

Rapid Prototype and 3D Printing Injection Molds

TriMech can help you solve design challenges before committing to expensive and time-consuming tooling and production.

3D Print your Jigs and Fixtures

With 3D printed tooling you can avoid high machining costs for custom tools or parts needed for individual repairs and restorations.

3D Print your Composite Tooling

Streamline the cost and complexities of aerospace production with on-demand composite tools.

Aerospace Industry Material Profile

Learn more about the benefits of Stratasys 3D printers for the industry

Certified Aircraft Interiors with 3D printing

Certifying additively manufactured parts for aircraft installation just got a lot easier.

TriMech and Stratasys Certified Aircraft Interiors gives aerospace companies a faster, more streamlined process.

Advanced Manufacturing Features & Applications


  • Enclosures & Interior Panels/Components
  • Liquid and Fuel Tanks
  • Gimbals
  • Grommets & Clips
  • Air Flow Ducts
  • Control Surfaces
  • UAV Components
  • Mounting Brackets
3D Printed aerospace part

Create Components Faster

Stratasys FDM machines work with production grade thermoplastics including ULTEM 9085, which provides an ideal solution for the manufacturing of component parts for aircraft, as it is lightweight and able to withstand intense heat (flame retardant).

PPSF Filter 3D Printed Part

Reduce Production Costs

By replacing expensive and lead-time critical CNC-milled parts with in-house manufactured plastic parts, you can dramatically reduce your production costs. The printed plastic parts also perform better technically, weigh less, and provide better electrical insulation.

ST-130 Sacrificial Tooling Material

Improve performance with Composite Parts

Improve production efficiency and flight performance while simplifying inventory with strong, lightweight composite parts.

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Service

Advantages of parts built with a Stratasys FDM 3D Printer

Tough long-lasting parts

FDM technology works with engineering-grade thermoplastics to build strong, long-lasting and dimensionally stable parts with the best accuracy and repeatability of any 3D printing technology.

FDM parts are tough enough to be used as advanced conceptual models, functional prototypes, manufacturing tools and production parts.

Meet production demands

Our FDM production machines are as versatile and durable as the parts they produce.

With the largest build envelopes and material capacities in their class, we can provide longer, uninterrupted build times, bigger parts and higher quantities than other additive manufacturing service providers.

Gain new possibilities

TriMech's FDM 3D printing service will help to streamline your business processes from design through manufacturing, reducing costs and eliminating traditional barriers along the way.

Industries we work with are able to cut lead times and costs, we help clients to deliver better products and get to market faster.

Aerospace Industry Resources

Review our resource library to learn more about manufacturing techniques and applications for this industry

ULTEM 1010

ULTEM 1010

Production-grade Thermoplastic ULTEM 1010 resin is a high-performance Fused Deposition Modeling® (FDM) thermoplastic that offers excellent strength, thermal stability and the ability to withstand steam autoclaving. ULTEM™ 1010 resin is available in a general-purpose...

Diran 410MF07

Diran 410MF07

Production-grade Thermoplastic Diran™ 410MF07 is a nylon-based thermoplastic FDM® material, mineral-filled 7% by weight. It demonstrates very good toughness and impact strength combined with resistance to hydrocarbon-based chemicals. Its smooth, lubricious surface...

PPSF / PPSU (Polyphenylsulfone)

PPSF / PPSU (Polyphenylsulfone)

Production-grade Thermoplastic PPSF / PPSU (polyphenylsulfone) material has the greatest heat and chemical resistance of all Stratasys materials - ideal for aerospace, automotive and medical applications. PPSF parts manufactured on our Stratasys 3D Printers are not...

PC (Polycarbonate)

PC (Polycarbonate)

Production-grade Thermoplastic A true industrial thermoplastic, PC (polycarbonate) is widely used in automotive, aerospace, medical and many other applications. PC offers accuracy, durability and stability, creating strong parts that withstand functional testing. PC...

FDM Nylon CF10 (Carbon Fiber)

FDM Nylon CF10 (Carbon Fiber)

Production-grade Thermoplastic FDM® Nylon-CF10 is a strong carbon fiber-filled material that is stiff and chemically resistant. Available on the Stratasys F190™CR and F370®CR 3D printers. Typical applications include Metal forming dies, Press brakes, End effectors,...

FDM Nylon 6

FDM Nylon 6

Production-grade Thermoplastic FDM Nylon 6™ combines strength and toughness superior to other FDM thermoplastics, for applications that require strong, customized parts and tooling that lasts longer and withstands rigorous functional testing. FDM Nylon 6 possesses...

FDM Nylon 12CF (Carbon Fiber)

FDM Nylon 12CF (Carbon Fiber)

Production-grade Thermoplastic FDM Nylon 12CF™ is a carbon-filled thermoplastic with excellent structural characteristics. The material is comprised of a blend of Nylon 12 resin and chopped carbon fiber, at a loading of 35% by weight. This combination produces one of...

FDM Nylon 12

FDM Nylon 12

Production-grade Thermoplastic FDM Nylon 12™ is the first material in Stratasys’ family of nylon offerings, complementing the current portfolio of FDM® materials and enabling new applications requiring: repetitive snap fits, high fatigue resistance, strong chemical...

Diran 410MF07

Diran 410MF07

Production-grade Thermoplastic Diran™ 410MF07 is a nylon-based thermoplastic FDM® material, mineral-filled 7% by weight. It demonstrates very good toughness and impact strength combined with resistance to hydrocarbon-based chemicals. Its smooth, lubricious surface...

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