Airplane 3D Model

This airplane 3D model was captured with an Artec Ray 3D Scanner.

This Klemm L25d VIIR LX-MA airplane is an exhibit at the Aviation Museum in Mondorf-les-Bains, Luxeumbourg. The airplane is hung from the ceiling of the tall museum building and would therefore be an insurmountable challenge for a short-range scanner, but not for Artec Ray, which can scan an object from up to 110m away!

Artec Ray was placed in 26 different positions around the airplane to make a complete 3D model. Artec used 12 small and 6 big spheres. As the spheres were magnetic, it was very easy to attach them to the metal constructions which were set up in the museum.

3D scanning the plane was a challenge:

  • The view of the plane was partially obstructed by some of the other exhibits on show. Also, there was a staircase in the middle of the hall, which meant that Artec couldn’t place the scanner right under the plane.
  • In order to set up the Artec Ray at the right distance from the plane, the scanner was placed outside the walls of the exhibition hall. And some parts of the plane were scanned through the glass doors.
  • It took a whole day to scan the airplane and Artec used 3 three full-charge batteries.

But despite all these difficulties, Artec Ray was able to make a high quality 3D model of this plane! The pilots and windscreen were modeled in third-party software.

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