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The TriMech Group offers a comprehensive portfolio of engineering and design software, hardware, professional services, and support, to clients accross the globe. Use the links above to visit the group's websites and learn more.

Geomagic Wrap

A powerful toolbox for transforming 3D scan data of complex, organic shapes into accurate, usable 3D models.

Scan It, Mesh It, Surface It.
In minutes

Geomagic Wrap® delivers the industry’s most powerful toolbox to transform 3D scan data and imported files into 3D models for immediate use downstream.

Geomagic Wrap software provides a more efficient workflow with expanded file format support and manipulating texture maps that will bring printed parts to life.

From engineering to entertainment, art to archaeology and manufacturing to museums, people from every walk of life are effortlessly reverse engineering perfect 3D models from scan data and 3D files using Geomagic Wrap.

Take a look at the video below to see Geomagic Wrap in action.

What can you do with Geomagic Wrap?

Geomagic Wrap is perfect for exact surfacing by allowing users to quickly transform 3D data, point clouds, mesh data, and imported files into 3D models.

  • Rapidly create perfect, watertight 3D models of physical objects from 3D scan data and use them to perform advanced functions such as finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Visual effects artists and animators can use these 3D models in Autodesk® Maya®, Autodesk 3ds Max®, and other 3D computer animation software.
  • Archaeologists use the power of 3D in Geomagic Wrap to archive and analyze petroglyphs and ancient markings, which you often cannot detect with the naked eye. With its direct 3D print capabilities, students and museum visitors can experience an ancient artifact without actually touching it.
  • Artists and sculptors use Geomagic Wrap to represent physical objects in 3D design environments, delivering watertight 3D data in a wide range of industry-standard formats. Create perfect works of art and scale sculptures. Archive and restore fragile or eroded artifacts with the help of 3D.


Geomagic Wrap Overview

Artec Ray 2 Tripod

Geomagic Wrap Capabilities

Go from cloud/point data to surface:

3D Scanner Support

Support for the industry’s widest range of non-contact 3D scanning and probe devices

Point Cloud Processing

Point cloud editing and fast creation of accurate polygonal models based on the 3D scan data

Remesh Tool

Powerful Remesh tool for fast, accurate create clean polygon models from dirty scan data


Precise surfacing of the model into NURBS using the easy and
comprehensive Exact Surfacing interfacr

Polygon Editing

Polygon editing tools for hole filling, smoothing, patching and water tight model creation

Scripting Tools

Powerful scripting tools enable the extension of Wrap far beyond its off-the-shelf capabilities and the full automation of the routine

Exact Surfacing Tools

Extensive Exact Surfacing tools give more control over your surface quality and layout, and allows for total control over NURBS patch layout, surface quality, and continuity

Export Files

File export formats include: WRP, IGES, X_T, SAT, PRC, STEP, VDA, NEU, 3DS, DXF, OOGL, IV, PLY, STL, WRL, OBJ

Feature Extraction

Curve and hard feature extraction from polygon bodies for Design from Scan data applications

Geomagic Wrap Process

Geomagic Wrap Scan

1. Scan & Process Points

Capture the required data using mainstream 3D scanners and probes.

Straightforward, expert handling and refinement of huge point cloud data sets.

Geomagic Wrap Mesh

2. Mesh Construction

Make exact 3D models directly from the captured data.

Construct polygon objects from point clouds to create watertight meshes faster.

Geomagic Wrap Surface

3. Surface and Texture Map

Create and transfer 3D surface to other CAD.

Fit complex freeform NURBS surfaces onto a mesh with Auto and Exact surfacing.

Create high-quality texture maps for improved downstream usability.

Geomagic Wrap Compatability

Geomagic Wrap supports all 3D digitizers, cameras, and scanners in XYZ/ASCII format, and it handles ordered and unordered surface and volume data

  • 3PI – ShapeGrabbeM
  • 3DS – 3D Studio
  • AC – Steinbichler
  • ASC – generic ASCII
  • BIN, SWL – Perceptron
  • BRE – Breuckmann
  • BTX – Surphaser
  • Konica Minolt0
  • COP – Pulsetech
  • CWK – Kreon
  • DBT – Digibotics
  • FLS – Faro LS
  • G3D, SURF – GOM
  • GPD – Geomagic
  • GTI – Genex
  • HYM – Hymarc
  • ICV – Solutionix
  • IV – OpenInventor
  • IQvolution
  • MET, MTN – Metron
  • MPC, TOC – MantisVision
  • NAS – Nastran
  • NET – InSpec
  • OPD – Optimel
  • OPT – Open Technologies
  • PCN – LDI
  • PCT – Vialuk
  • PIX – Roland
  • PTX – Leica
  • SAB2 – Nikon
  • SCN, MGP – Laser Design
  • SCN – Next Engine
  • SNX – Solutionix
  • SWL – ScanWorks Light
  • VDA – VDA
  • VVD – Vivid
  • XYZ – Opton
  • XYZN – Cognitens
  • ZFS – Zoller & Frohlich

Geomagic Wrap Import/Export

The following filetypes are available with Geomagic Wrap

  • 3DS
  • OBJ
  • DXF
  • PLY
  • STL
  • LWO
  • VRML
  • WRP
  • IGES
  • STEP
  • Parasolid
  • SAT

Interested in Geomagic Wrap?

Call 888.392.0957 to speak to an expert