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TriMech helps designers and engineers to create prototypes that reduces time to market and protects ideas until launch

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Designers, engineers, sales and marketing staff all utilize high tech 3D printed prototypes to better communicate the products aesthetics and performance.

Before a cell phone is held up to an ear, or a power tool helps improve a home, these products are ideas in the minds of designers and engineers. Prototyping gives them form and makes perfection possible.

3D scanning and 3D printing allows high tech manufacturers to test for fit, form and function and in some cases test their designs in real world conditions.

Realistic appearance models are achieved with Stratasys PolyJet 3D printing service which works with an extensive array of materials which include clear, flexible, rigid, rubber-like and with a full spectrum of vibrant colours. Make your design reviews and focus-group sessions more productive with lifelike prototypes.

When you need to prototypes in the same materials as your finished product, TriMech FDM 3D printing service can provide you with a model. FDM printers work with material such as ABSi, PC, PC-ABS and Nylon 12 to name a few. Save time and money by prototyping early in the design process

How TriMech Helps High Tech Designers and Engineers:

Get Your Products to Market Faster

Get to market faster than the competition with speedier design cycles. Go from design to prototyping in hours, not days. Blaze through product improvement with rapid prototype revisions.

Simplify Your Workflow

Get better results by removing steps and complexity from your workflow. By producing full-scale prototypes straight from CAD design, your design reviews go smoother with hands-on consumer insight that is more informed.

3D Print with Static-Dissipative Materials

3D print with thermoplastics that prevent a buildup of static electricity. Ideal for electronic products with circuit boards. High tech product manufacturers can expand the use of 3D printing onto the assembly line.

High Tech Industry Profile

TriMech PolyJet 3D printing service improves communication and collaboration because PolyJet 3D printers produce amazingly accurate representations of your high tech products that you can share with your team and your clients for a faster, more confident buy-in.

3D Printing is a Game Changer for High Tech Product Design

The quickest way to get accurate prototypes is with 3D printing. Watch the video to learn how it makes product design faster and better, and designers more confident.


Advanced Manufacturing Features & Applications


  • Life-like Prototypes
  • Product mock-ups
  • Sales and marketing
  • Fit, form, and function testing
VeroUltra switcher covers

Make sure your Parts Fit Together

Fit, form & function tests is essential for the electronics design process, you need a system that can produce highly accurate, high-resolution parts.



Smart Speaker VeroUltra

Create Life Like Prototypes

For prototypes built from production-grade thermoplastics, use our FDM 3D Printing Service.

FDM 3D printers work with ABS, PC and other thermoplastics, prototypes are made from the same material as the finished product.

Ear bud case Agilus30

Experiment with Different Materials

For astonishingly realistic appearance in a 3D printed model, use our PolyJet 3D Printing Service.

Design reviews and focus-group sessions can be more productive with lifelike prototypes.


Injection molding Digital ABS

Expedite prototype tooling for testing

Create prototypes using the same processes and materials as your finished product.

At a fraction of the cost of machining, you can 3D print smooth, accurate Digital ABS injection molds, tough polycarbonate forming patterns or detailed casting patterns.

Advantages of PolyJet Technology

Advantages of parts built with a Stratasys PolyJet Machine

Realistic Parts

Stratasys PolyJet 3D Printers are based on proven technology, which creates precise prototypes that set  the standard for finished-product realism.

Their fine resolution makes complex shapes, intricate details  and smooth surfaces possible.

Precise Models

PolyJet 3D Printing works by jetting layers of liquid photopolymer onto a build tray and instantly curing them with UV light.

The fine layers build up to create a precise 3D model or prototype. Models are ready to handle right out of the 3D printer, with no post-curing needed.

Better ideas, easier sell

PolyJet 3D printed models improve communication and collaboration because they produce amazingly  accurate representations of your ideas that you can share with your team and your clients for a faster, more confident buy-in.

High Tech Industry Resources

Review our resource library to learn more about techniques and applications for this industry

VeroUltra Opaque

VeroUltra Opaque

Rigid Color Material VeroUltra Opaque materials facilitate the printing of thin parts, providing richer colours with sharper textures and texts. VeroUltra Opaque shades bring models to life with un-matched color realism. VeroUltra™ includes VeroUltra™ WhiteS and...

Antero 840CN03

Antero 840CN03

A PEKK-based material Antero™ 840CN03 is a PEKK-based FDM thermoplastic combining the excellent physical and mechanical qualities of PEKK with electrostatic dissipative (ESD) properties. The material is filled 3% by weight with carbon nanotubes. As a high-performance...



Production-grade Thermoplastic ABS-ESD7™ (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene-electrostatic dissipative) is an ABS thermoplastic with static dissipative properties for applications where a static charge can damage products, impair their performance or cause an explosion....

Jigs, Fixtures & Manufacturing Aids

Jigs, Fixtures & Manufacturing Aids

Digital Production Parts is the shop floor reimagined As a manufacturer you rely on customized manufacturing aids like jigs and fixtures to ensure quality, efficiency and worker safety. TriMech 3D printing service streamlines and enhances the production of these...

Sales and Marketing Models

Sales and Marketing Models

Make prototypes look real with advanced 3D printing In the world of sales and marketing delivering presentations with a physical model will allow your potential customers to easily understand what your are selling and how it will be used. TriMech's PolyJet...

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Push button Prototypes TriMech Rapid Prototyping Services with Stratasys 3D Printers helps design and manufacturing companies turn great ideas into successful products faster than ever before. 3D printing your prototypes directly from CAD data enables fast, frequent...

TriMech Acquires InterPRO Additive Manufacturing Group

TriMech Acquires InterPRO Additive Manufacturing Group

RICHMOND, Va. — December 2, 2021 — TriMech, strategic technology partner to engineers and manufacturers across North America, announced today it has acquired InterPRO Additive Manufacturing Group. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. TriMech is a portfolio...

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