Installing Free GOM Inspect Software

Free GOM Inspect is the free inspection software for GOM Zeiss 3D scanners. In this demo we’re going to cover step-by-step how to install GOM Inspect for free.

Download Free GOM Inspect

To download the free GOM Inspect viewer, first start by going to the HandsOnMetrology website. Use the “More+” tab to access the available downloads. Then scroll down to GOM Inspect and click the “Get it now” button.

A second window will open, you’ll then accept that information. Then the first link should be to download the latest version of GOM Inspect. Go ahead and download the free software. The next step is to now install, which will be an EXE file.

Once it finishes downloading it should be in your download folder in your tray. So, to install it, all you have to do is double click to launch it. Once it’s launched you go through and just hit next, accept the agreement and then hit next to set up the default installation. And begin the installation, which will install about 3.7 gigs of information on your PC. Then hit next and finally finish and the installation is completed.

Then the ZEISS Quality Suite will launch automatically and now you’re ready to use GOM Inspect!