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5 Excellent Material Options for Stereolithography

By <a href="" target="_self">Andrew Miller</a>

By Andrew Miller

Posted on July 28, 2023

Stereolithography 3D printing, also known as SLA or SL, is an additive manufacturing technique that employs a vat of liquid resin material cured by a UV laser to create intricate and high-resolution three-dimensional objects, layer by layer. There are a range of material options for stereolithography on the market, in this article we’ll highlight our favorites.

Even though this technology has been around since the 1980’s, engineers continue to rely on SLA for prototyping, models for presentation, and fit tests before starting production runs. SLA can also be used in casting for mold masters and patterns or low-volume molds for elastomeric materials. SLA materials can produce end-use parts in low-volume production runs based on geometry, part applications, and material capabilities. With recent material advancements, SLA resins now have better material capabilities than ever, allowing for more versatility and opening the door for new applications.

Material options for stereolithography

TriMech’s Advanced Manufacturing Services (AMS) offers a variety of services, including 3D printing, urethane casting, as well as our professional painting and model-making team. One of our TriMech AMS facilities offers not only a full model-making shop and state-of-the-art paint booths but a full SLA Lab with 8 SLA machines printing in SLA resin materials such as SOMOS: Taurus, EvoLVe, 11122XC, WaterShed Black, and PerFORM.

While TriMech’s AMS team offers many technologies to produce parts, we believe that material properties lead the way. Here is a quick rundown of our most popular SLA materials.

SOMOS Taurus

One of our popular SLA materials, Somos Taurus has a higher heat deflection of up to 196 degrees (F) after thermal post-cure and an elongation of 24% which allows for a greater range of applications. Not to mention its high accuracy and charcoal grey finish, are qualities that help our clients better visualize their designs.

Somos Taurus material

Somos Taurus Model


Somos EvoLVe is one of our favorite SLA materials. The off-white material has a lower elongation at 11%, but the tradeoff is a very stiff and durable material. Despite being a thermoset material, parts printed in EvoLVe act more like a traditional thermoplastic, with stress marks appearing during its strain curve. With a practiced hand, the material can accept thermal inserts very well, which is great for when your holes need strong threads for assembly and a clean look.

SOMOS EvoLVe Material

SOMOS EvoLVe Material

SOMOS WaterShed  XC 11122

Somos WaterShed XC 11122 is one of the most popular clear SLA materials in the industry. As a translucent resin material, 11122 can be sanded smooth and an automotive grade clear coat applied to make the part see-through. Our clients find this helpful in applications like lenses or duct work. Due to its clarity and superior moisture resistance, this material is also ideal when doing fluid or air flow analysis.

Stereolithography Part Clear Material

WaterShed XC 11122


Somos PerFORM offers excellent mechanical properties, exceptional detail resolution, and superior surface finish. A nano silica-filled material, the resin is well-suited for applications that require high strength and stiffness, temperature resistance, and smooth surfaces. We see our clients using this ceramic based material in applications such as automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, engineering, and medical industries. Its thermal stability and chemical resistance make it suitable for demanding environments.

Somos PerFORM Material

Somos PerFORM parts

SOMOS WaterShed Black

Somos WaterShed Black is a new specialized material known for its unique properties and versatile applications. The material exhibits excellent mechanical strength, high heat deflection temperature, and exceptional surface finish, making it suitable for various demanding applications. This SLA material is also capable of handling higher energy rates given off by the lasers behind the SLA systems, allowing AMS to run the material faster than others, allowing for quick turnaround times on orders. Its impressive durability and stability allow for applications in industries such as automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, and electronics, where precise and robust components are required.

>>Everything you need to know about SOMOS WaterShed Black>>

Somos WaterShed Black Material Example

Somos WaterShed Black

For more information on available SLA resins and materials, service offerings, or expert consultation reach out to our team!


<h4>Written by <a href="" target="_self">Andrew Miller</a></h4>

Written by Andrew Miller