PostProcess DEMI 200

Automated 3D printing support removal post processing machine, provides an envelope sized for a few large or several small 3D printed parts.

Clean your 3D Printed Parts faster with DEMI 200

Reduces your support material removal processing time by over 50%

The DEMI 200 Automated Support Removal Machine is a software-driven system with patent-pending technology using agitated flow combined with advanced ultrasonics, heat, and specially formulated detergents for consistent, hands-free support removal.


DEMI 200 machine

PostProcess DEMI 200 Features

FDM, SLA, PolyJet, CLIP, and more

Removes Support Material for all 3D printed materials, including FDM, SLA, PolyJet, CLIP, and more.

Hands-free Post Processing

Hands-free 3D printing post processing, with an envelope size to handle small to medium sized parts in volume.

Complete Solution

Patent-pending software, user-friendly hardware, and eco-friendly consumables works collectively to deliver exacting support removal while increasing the throughput of your production.

Office Friendly Solution

Use the machine in your working environment, no special equipment required for automated support removal.


Machine Advantages

  • Superior support removal
  • Evenly treated parts
  • Cycle time reduction
  • Minimized part breakage
  • Minimal operator intervention
  • Preservation of fine-feature details

PostProcess DEMI 200 Benefits


Software Driven

PostProcess has taken the guesswork out of post-printing by creating pre-programmed recipe formulations designed from data. Instead of trial and error resulting in scrapped parts or inconsistent results, you get the desired finish every time at the touch of a button.

Carefully controlling the system’s energy, speed, and direction, the Agitation Algorithm ensures your productivity is boosted by producing consistent end parts with no breakage. The software varies agitation intensities, temperatures, process time and other process factors to deliver the ideal finished part.

PostProcess before and after example 2

Innovative Technology

The DEMI 200 Support Removal system integrates multiple technologies. Agitated flow is essential to effectively remove supports and is done with a ‘sink-float’ process to rotate parts throughout the chamber.

This variable motion, combined with optimal energy delivery, detergent filtration and a powerful pump delivering strong flow agitation, results in fast and uniform support removal.

PolyJet support removal

Thoughtful Design

The DEMI 200 Support Removal integrates a number of features for ease of use and integration into your operations, like noise reducing features for a low dBa. A fully insulated tank to keep temperature consistent for energy efficiency, basket to remove parts from the system and harness at the top of the unit, and ergonomically friendly tank orientation are just a few of the unique PostProcess features.

PostProcess consumables


All of the patent-pending engineered solutions have been developed for high-performance and optimized to use eco-friendly detergents and media. Detergents are available in pre-mixed 5 gallon and 55 gallon containers. Concentrated versions are also available.

PostProcess DEMI 200 Specifications

Software Features

  • Variable temperature (70-156°F)
  • Programmable cycle times
  • Proprietary Agitation Algorithms

Hardware Features

  • Digital interface
  • Piezo-electric Ultrasonics
  • Stainless steel envelope
  • Removable envelope lid
  • Magnetically driven pump
  • Drain and hose

Size and Weight

  • Envelope:
    • 13” L x 13” W x 13” H
      (33 cm x 33 cm x 33 cm)
  • Machine Footprint:
    • 25” L x 33” W x 42” H
      (63.5 cm x 83.8 cm x 106.6 cm)


  • Capacity: 15 Gallons (56 Liters)
  • Detergent:
    • PG1 for Polyjet
    • PG1.2 for SLA, CLIP
    • PG2 for FDM


  • Voltage: 110V/240V, 60/50Hz
  • Amperage: 8.5A/3.9A
  • Connector: NEMA 5-15P

Safety Features

  • Auto power down
  • Compliant with all OSHA regulations
  • Noise reducing features for a low dBa

Why you need a Support Removal Solution

3 Advantages of using an automated Support Removal Solution for 3D printed parts

1. Consistent Results

PostProcess ensures that supports on every part are consistently and completely removed — no breakage and no missed supports. Reliability that each part will be identical all the time, every time.

2. Reduced Cleaning Time

Whether production is in the tens, the hundreds or the thousands, throughput is crucial. PostProcess reduces the cycle time for removing supports and eliminates the manual post-printing ‘bottleneck’.

3. Greater Productivity

The PostProcess DEMI 400 can work on numerous printed parts simultaneously. Enabling companies to focus on higher-value activities.

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