PostProcess Technologies

A comprehensive system of software, hardware, and eco-friendly chemistry for additive manufacturing post processing.

Why Automated Post Processing?

The Additive Manufacturing Post Processing solutions from PostProcess Technologies automate the finishing of 3D parts through a comprehensive system of proprietary software, hardware and chemistry that delivers unmatched consistency, unlimited throughput and a fast ROI.

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Post Processing Problems & Requirements

As the additive manufacturing industry is now scaling, current post processing methods cannot meet the increase in volume, deliver repeatable results or the requirement for a customer-ready part finish.

Current Post Processing methods are:

  • Time-consuming manual labor that doesn’t scale
  • Inconsistent results which don’t meet customer-ready requirements
  • High breakage rates
  • Expensive

PostProcess Technologies Overview

PostProcess Water Agitation


The first in the world to bring an automated and intelligent solution for the third step of additive manufacturing — post process part cleaning and surface finishing.

Comprehensive solution

From desktop systems to production scale systems for support removal, surface finishing, and process water management, PostProcess are continuously innovating for the future.

Easy to use machines

Advanced operator convenience with enhanced ergonomics and process control make it easy to post process your 3D printed parts.

Automated part cleaning & smoothing

Eliminates time-consuming and expensive piece-by-piece manual cleaning by applying a patent-pending combination of integrated technologies including software, hardware, and consumables.

Intelligent solution

The revolutionary technology accurately interprets and interrogates each part – regardless of geometry. Reliable support removal, dependable surface finishing – producing ‘customer-ready’ parts, every time.

A solution for every Industry

Across every industry, from aerospace to automotive, consumer goods to dental, defense to medical; the PostProcess technology removes the post-print bottleneck with an automated approach.

PostProcess Applications

Solutions to clean and finish your 3D printed parts


Support Material Removal

PostProcess’ pre-mixed, aqueous-based detergents optimize the removal of supports while leaving the build material in perfect condition.

The POLYGONE™ (PG) chemistry line, in concert with our thoughtfully designed support removal systems, are formulated for all 3D print materials and technologies to achieve the customer’s desired cycle time and end product characteristics.

AUTOMATE3D Finishing Software

Surface Finishing

PostProcess surface finishing media, available in different density and grit, is designed to accurately deliver the correct amount of energy to produce the desired end result.

With the PostProcess offering of abrasive and polishing media, they can ensure the desired finish for all print materials and end product surface roughness (Ra) requirements with a suite of surface finish systems.

PostProcess Operation

Hybrid Solutions

Tackling both support removal and surface finishing in one compact footprint, the Hybrid systems were developed to address the most complex and rugged of today’s additive manufacturing materials.

The exclusive media combined with patent-pending chemistries, produced at the right mixture and discharged at an exacting rate over the surface, ensures superior post print results.

PostProcess Technologies Post Processing Machines

DyeMansion Powershot c

Support Removal Machine

PostProcess DEMI 200

Clean your parts faster with a compact bench-top machine which is ideal for a few large or several small 3D printed parts

PostProcess DEMI 400

Part Cleaning

PostProcess DEMI 400

The DEMI 400 provides a hands-free support structure and resin removal for PolyJet, FDM, SLA and CLIP small to medium sized parts.

PostProcess VORSA 500

Part Cleaning

PostProcess VORSA 500

FDM support removal solution offers a large work envelope and delivers uniform, high-quality results every time

PostProcess RADOR

Part Finishing

PostProcess RADOR

Surface finishing machine ensures every 3D printed part meets your specifications running abrasive and polish operations simultaneously.

PostProcess Deci Duo

Part Cleaning and Finishing

PostProcess DECI DUO

An automated support removal and surface finishing machine for all your 3D printing post processing needs.

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