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With over 35 years of experience, the TriMech Group offers a comprehensive range of design, engineering, staffing and manufacturing solutions backed by experience and expertise that is unrivalled in the industry. The TriMech Group's solutions are delivered by the divisions and brands shown here, use the links above to visit the group's websites and learn more.

3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering

Services for Reverse Engineering, Product Design, Quality Control, Inspection, and Prototyping

Scanning for your Industry

Including quality control, automotive, medicine, heritage preservation, computer graphics, design, forensics, education, reverse engineering and architecture.

Accurate 3D Model

Get a precise model of your object that will work with major CAD system including SOLIDWORKS®, CATIA Siemens NX®, Solid Edge, Autodesk Inventor®, PTC Creo® and Pro/ENGINEER®.

Scan to Build

TriMech can build your 3D Scans from a variety of different plastics or metals materials using 3D printing or CNC machining services.

Why use the 3D Scanning Service from TriMech?

Get the most accurate 3D models of your small or large objects with our cutting-edge Artec 3D scanning and processing services. We can provide you with various scanning applications including reverse engineering, and models for manufacturing, healthcare applications, and industrial design.

We use Artec 3D scanners, the industry leader in 3D scanning technology. Our scanners are extremely accurate and scan in brilliant color and high resolution, processing up to two million points per second with up to 0.1mm accuracy.

Lightweight and battery compatible, we can take Artec scanners anywhere and scan anything from small components with our Artec Micro desktop scanner, to large objects such as a car or plane using our Artec Ray 3D scanner.

3D Scanning Options with TriMech

3D Scanning at office

3D Scan Drop-off Service

Our 3D Scanning Experts will scan your object at our office and provide you with a CAD file format of your choosing.

You can drop off or ship your object to one of our office locations. We will run the scan and then return your object.

3D Scanning On Site

3D Scan at Your Location

If the object is too large to be transported or needs to be captured on-site a 3D Scanning expert will come to you.

Artec 3D scanners are hand-held and portable allowing us to scan just about anything.

Example 3D Scans

Pick on the posts below to view example 3D scanned models captured with Artec 3D Scanners:

Turbine 3D Model

Turbine 3D Model

This Turbine 3D model was captured with an Artec 3D Scanner. Scanning time: 10 min Processing time: 20 min Scanner used: Artec Space Spider This small turbine was scanned in three passes using a rotating table — this enabled the operator to easily capture all the...

VW Bus 3D Model

VW Bus 3D Model

This VW Bus 3D model was captured with an Artec 3D Scanner. Scanning time:  3 hours Processing time: 5 hours Scanner used: Artec Eva This classic VW micro bus was scanned with Artec Eva. The parts on the underside of the chassis that could not be accessed with the...

Napoleon Monument

Napoleon Monument

This Napoleon Monument 3D model was captured with an Artec 3D Scanner. Scanning time:  2 Days Processing time: 10 Days Scanner used: Artec Eva To create a highly detailed model of the historic 4.5-meter tall monument of Napoleon, French 3D visualization company IMA...

Transmission 3D Model

Transmission 3D Model

This Transmission 3D model was captured with an Artec 3D Scanner. Scanning time:  30 min Processing time: 90 min Scanner used: Artec Eva An old transmission box that was scanned with Eva. This is a good example of a challenging object, since it has many deep holes....

Classic Chair 3D Model

Classic Chair 3D Model

This Classic Chair 3D model was captured with an Artec 3D Scanner. Scanning time:  15 min Processing time: 30 min Scanner used: Artec Eva An elegant upholstered classic chair. A fairly complicated object to scan, considering the polished black wood together with the...

Antelope Skull 3D Model

Antelope Skull 3D Model

This antelope skull 3D model was captured with an Artec 3D Scanner. Scanning time:  3 min Processing time: 8 min Scanner used: Artec Eva A beautiful skull of an African antelope, captured with Eva in two scans: the front and the back. The striking details of the...

Column 3D Model

Column 3D Model

Wooden architectural column 3D model was captured with an Artec 3D Scanner. Milled out of Styrofoam in order to replace the original piece

Starfish 3D Model

Starfish 3D Model

The 3D model of a starfish is a remarkable and richly detailed choice of objects for 3D scanning, interact with the model and view the detail

3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering Benefits

Expert 3D Scanning Engineers

Export to any file type

Accurate 3D Scanned Data

Able to Scan Anywhere

3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering Applications

Reverse Engineering

Quality Inspection

Medical and Dental

Heritage, Art & Design

3D Scanning Process

3D Scanning Gear

1. 3D Scan Your Object

No need to prepare your object in advance, we will capture your object with a point and shoot Artec 3D scanner, without the need to attach markers.

3D scanning optimize

2. Fuse & Optimize

We will optimize the size of your file by reducing the number of polygons from millions to thousands while maintaining the high quality of the mesh.

3D scanning texturize

3. Texturize & Export Your File

We will then add high quality texture to your model and export the model to a file compatible with your CAD/CAM system.

Artec Studio in action

Reverse Engineering

Whether you have a part to reproduce for which no drawing or 3D model exists, or you need to quickly redesign or simply modify an existing part and either mill or 3D print it; TriMech 3D Scanning Service can do the job.

Accelerate your design, prototype, and production cycle by weeks and save thousands in the process.

Quality Inspection

Across a variety of industries, there is a growing need for ensuring that product quality levels are as high as possible.

Delivering extremely-high-precision scans provides 3D measurements that are among the best in today’s cutting edge scanners, providing comprehensive part inspection.

3D scanning submarine
Medical 3D Scanning

Medical & Dental

We provide scanning services for medical and dental practices, providing precise CAD/CAM-ready 3D scans for lab use and 3D printing. Medical practitioners and dentists no longer need to approximate models for their prosthetics and implants.

Client Testimonials

This is the best-looking thing I've ever seen! The appearance is perfect and the parts work great too!

This service opens a whole world of opportunity for established businesses, as well as for start-ups, and even hobbyist/DIY interests.

TriMech is the type of company/team with which I enjoy working. I look forward to doing business with you again.

Thanks guys. The parts look great!

Industries we work with

TriMech services are used in a wide variety of industries

Architecture 3D Printing

Architecture & Construction

  • Model making
  • Urban planning
  • Concepts
Consumer Product 3D printing

High Tech & Consumer Products

  • Aesthetic and function testing
  • Concepts and prototypes
  • Sales and marketing models
Industrial design 3D printing

Industrial Design & Manufacturing

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Defense
  • Industrial equipment
  • Marine and offshore
  • Oil and gas
Medical 3D printing

Dental, Medical & Life Sciences

  • Anatomical models
  • Medical devices
  • Orthopedics
  • Prosthetics
  • Surgical planning models
Mold tool die 3D printing

Industrial Products, Mold Tool & Die

  • Jigs, fixtures, and assembly tooling
  • Injection molding
  • Silicone molding
  • Sand and investment casting
  • Thermoforming

Interested in 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering?

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