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The TriMech Group offers a comprehensive portfolio of engineering and design software, hardware, professional services, and support, to clients accross the globe. Use the links above to visit the group's websites and learn more.

SAF 3D Printing

Custom, on-demand Selective Absorption Fusion powder-based 3D printing for production parts and manufacturing aids

Functionally enhanced parts

Parts with movement such as hinges, gears and clips; electric protection connectors, improved impact resistance or such as shatter-proof trims, durable housings and covers.

Quality finished, end-use products

Consumer-facing products that require a high-quality finishing such as clips, eye-wear, consumer electronic cases and ear-phones

Molds, and robust load bearing parts

Brackets, mold tools, machine components, jigs, adapters, manifolds and manufacturing aids.


Why choose SAF 3D Printed Parts?

With TriMech’s SAF (Selective Absorption Fusion)  powder-based 3D printing service delivers on demand production for your parts providing you with a  pandemic-proof supply chain, shorter design-to-part cycle and reduced-spare-part inventory.

With its unique thermal management Big Wave™ powder deposition, SAF technology produces high volume parts with accuracy and repeatability.

This means you can have part consistency throughout your build and ensures reproducible part quality — even on fine feature details, flat areas and large parts. TriMech SAF service produces parts with a uniform, smooth surface that are suitable for a wide range of applications.


What is SAF 3D Printing with the Stratasys H350?

The SAF™ powered H350 3D printer is a cost effective production solution delivering consistent end-use parts.

Built for high-volume, short-run production, TriMech services with the Stratasys H350 3D printer helps to reduce production costs while delivering part consistency.


SAF 3D Printing Features and Advantages

SAF Technology Parts

Ecofriendly Material

In additive manufacturing, PA12 is the go-to material for prototyping. But in traditional volume production of end-use parts, PA11 is much more widely used due to its higher ductility, higher impact and higher fatigue resistance making it suitable for a wider range of industrial applications.

PA11 is also ecofriendly and 100 percent bio-based from sustainably grown castor beans.

SAF Industries

Industry Applications

Additive manufacturing has seen growth in demand for products with pandemic-proof supply chains, shorter design-to-part cycles and reduced-spare-part inventory.

Commercial equipment, consumer goods, automotive and transportation are some of the industries demanding equipment that fulfills their production needs.

SAF Production

Cost Effective Service

TriMech can boost your return-on-investment with the SAF 3D Printing Service.

SAF provides predictable and simple part cost estimation, with consistent and accurate parts made up of 80% reused powder.

Example Parts

Example SAF technology production parts from PA-11 eco material, pick on the images below to enlarge:

SAF 3D Printing Benefits

High-quality end-use production parts


Ecofriendly Material

High-precision high-density parts

Origin P3 Applications

Functional parts

Quality finished, end-use products

Strong Resistant Resin

Molds, and robust load bearing parts

SAF Technology

Advantages of parts built with SAF technology and a Stratasys H350 Machine

Industrial-grade technology

SAF Selective Absorption Fusion is the 3D printing technology behind the H Series production platform. SAF technology uses an infrared-absorbing fluid to help fuse the polymer powder.

This fluid is selectively placed where it’s needed to create the shape of the part in any given layer. When the infrared-sensitive fluid is exposed to the printer’s fusing lamps, it heats up to a higher temperature than the surrounding material.

This “selectively” fuses the powdered particles together but leaves the adjacent material unfused. Using highly reliable print heads, tight thermal control and an innovative powder management system, SAF technology offers a new alternative to other forms of PBF printing.

Production throughput

How is SAF technology different from other powder bed fusion printers?

SAF’s primary difference involves the process by which the polymer powder is distributed, heated and fused. SAF technology provides a high level of part detail requiring just one High Absorption Fluid.

SAF technology’s unique powder management ensures there’s sufficient powder to cover the entire next layer, even when printing large cross-sectional areas, and reduces powder aging. This results in greater thermal stability, which provides better results in the form of part repeatability and material property consistency.

Production Process

What are the main elements in the printing process workflow with SAF technology?
SAF technology follows the same processing steps as other powder bed fusion printers:

  1. CAD files are input to the printer for printing. When parts are finished printing, they are embedded in a “cake” of unused, loose powder.
  2. After printing, the cake is removed from the printer and allowed to cool. After cooldown, the cake is broken apart to extract the printed parts.
  3. Parts can then be used or post-processed as needed.

Stratasys SAF Materials

Print your part from a variety of powder-bed fusion materials

Stratasys High Yield PA11

Stratasys High Yield PA11

Processed with SAF™ technology, Stratasys High Yield PA11 3D printing material delivers production-grade plastic parts for high-volume demands.

Stratasys PA12

Stratasys PA12

Processed with SAF™ technology, Stratasys PA12 3D printing material delivers production-grade plastic parts with a high level of accuracy.

Customer Testimonials

Very satisfied! Fast and competitively priced. I am recommending you to all my colleagues. You are an excellent resource for any consumer electronics product development company.

The models are really dazzling everyone. It sets a new standard for how to present the design and show how it fits and goes together. Thanks to everyone for the rapid response and follow-through.

Inspection of the parts went well... they look very nice and I see a lot of feature fixes that you took from my first article notes. They’re great.

Industries we work with

TriMech services are used in a wide variety of industries

Architecture 3D Printing

Architecture & Construction

  • Model making
  • Urban planning
  • Concepts
Consumer Product 3D printing

High Tech & Consumer Products

  • Aesthetic and function testing
  • Concepts and prototypes
  • Sales and marketing models
Industrial design 3D printing

Industrial Design & Manufacturing

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Defense
  • Industrial equipment
  • Marine and offshore
  • Oil and gas
Medical 3D printing

Dental, Medical & Life Sciences

  • Anatomical models
  • Medical devices
  • Orthopedics
  • Prosthetics
  • Surgical planning models
Mold tool die 3D printing

Industrial Products, Mold Tool & Die

  • Jigs, fixtures, and assembly tooling
  • Injection molding
  • Silicone molding
  • Sand and investment casting
  • Thermoforming

Interested in SAF 3D Printing?

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