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With over 35 years of experience, the TriMech Group offers a comprehensive range of design, engineering, staffing and manufacturing solutions backed by experience and expertise that is unrivalled in the industry. The TriMech Group's solutions are delivered by the divisions and brands shown here, use the links above to visit the group's websites and learn more.

Stratasys 3D Printers

Plastic and Carbon Fiber Machines for Designers, Engineers, Educators, and Medical Professionals

Fortus 450mc

Fortus 450mc

The Fortus 450mc 3D printer is for engineers that need to print larger-sized or many parts in an array of engineering-grade materials.

Stratasys F123 Series

Stratasys F123 Series

Stratasys F123 3D Printers utilize powerful FDM 3D printing technology and a variety of materials to create production parts fast. Choose from the versatile F170 and F370 3D printers

Stratasys F123CR Series

Stratasys F123CR Series

The Stratasys F123CR Series (F190CR and F370CR) 3D printers supplement fixture and part fabrication with FDM composite 3D printing to gain speed, throughput, and cost benefits

Stratasys F3300

Stratasys F3300

Lower your production costs and print in half the time. The Stratasys F3300™ embodies advanced FDM® technology to minimize labor and maximize economics.

Stratasys F770

Stratasys F770

Print big with the Stratasys F770™ large format 3D printer. 3D printing large, complex parts is now more affordable, reliable and easy.

Stratasys F900

Stratasys F900

The Stratasys F900 is the ultimate manufacturing-grade production 3D printer with the widest array of engineering-grade materials, largest build area, and highest accuracy.

Stratasys H350

Stratasys H350

The Stratasys H350 plastic powder bed fusion SAF technology 3D printer produces accurate, production-grade parts with best-in-class consistency.

Stratasys J35 Pro

Stratasys J35 Pro

The Stratasys J35 Pro is an affordable PolyJet multi-material desktop 3D printer. Produce jigs, fixtures, functional parts, concept models.

Stratasys J5 MediJet

Stratasys J5 MediJet

Stratasys J5 MediJet Medical 3D Printer can create anatomical models and drilling and cutting guides that are sterilizable and biocompatible.

Stratasys J55 Prime

Stratasys J55 Prime

The Stratasys J55 Prime 3D printer offers designers with unparalleled full color part realism, in an office or studio environment, at an affordable price.

Stratasys J8 Series

Stratasys J8 Series

The Stratasys J8 Series (J850 Pro, J850 Prime and J826 Prime) features multiple versatile, multi-material 3D printers powered by PolyJet Technology™.

Stratasys Origin One

Stratasys Origin One

The Stratasys Origin One 3D Printer is designed for mass production of end-use parts from high-performance materials with Photopolymerization technology

Stratasys J850 Fabrix Innovation Kit

Latest 3D Printer

FabriX™ Innovation Kit

Extend the capabilities of the Stratasys J850™ Prime with a kit for 3D printing on fabric and flexible substrates.

TriMech Stratasys Solutions


Dental labs use Stratasys 3D printers with biocompatible materials to create models, surgical guides, gingiva masks and dentures.


Industrial designers use PolyJet 3D printers for testing and rapid prototyping of models with form, fit, color, material, finish (CMF).


Stratasys Engineering FDM 3D printers are ideal for rapid prototyping and short-run production of thermoplastic and carbon fiber parts.

Fabric & Fashion

FabriX™ Innovation Kit™ is an easy-to-use, comprehensive, and repeatable solution for 3D printing on fabric and flexible substrates.

Large Format

Create large accurate all-in-one parts. No more joining and assembly. Consistent builds means that your parts print the same, every time.


Bring medical models to life with incredible realism that accurately represents both the appearance and response of human tissue.


Manufacturers use Stratasys FDM 3D printers for on-demand tooling, jigs and fixtures, end-use parts, and short production runs.

Small Desktop

Get a small affordable PolyJet multi-material desktop 3D printer. Produce jigs, fixtures, functional parts, concept models.

Superior Quality

Stratasys Neo SLA 3D Printers are designed for prototyping, tooling & master patterns with superior surface quality and accuracy.

Stratasys 3D printer operation

TriMech Stratasys Service

Boost your 3D printing process and support your Stratasys 3D printer with ongoing maintenance to help sustain your business.

Award Winning Technical Support

Telephone, web, and email support provided by our Certified Stratasys Technicians. 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM ET

Preventative Maintenance Visit

Preventative maintenance performed by certified Stratasys service representative at factory recommended maintenance intervals. Preventative maintenance procedures may be completed in conjunction with unscheduled or emergency service visits.

Priority Service Scheduling

Clients will receive priority scheduling of a certified field service representative after a problem is reported to the TriMech Support Team and the need for an on-site service visit is determined.


Replacement of all defective or worn machine parts.

Hardware Updates

Updates / modifications as deemed necessary by Stratasys will be installed when available throughout the maintenance period.

Software Updates

Stratasys-developed software maintenance releases provided throughout the maintenance period.

Replacement Consumables

Consumables & Replacement Parts

When you purchase a new Stratasys 3D printer from TriMech, our service contracts give you predictable maintenance costs and simplified purchasing cycles for replacement parts, service and consumables/material.

Exclusive pricing for Education

Contact us to learn more about educational pricing and maintenance contracts for educational institutions.

3D printer training GrabCAD

3D Printer Training

Our 3D Printing Experts will show you how to optimize your 3D printer and models more cost effectively to become an Additive Manufacturing expert:

  • Learn how to print your 3D designs with confidence
  • Understand 3D printing technology and material usage
  • Reduce your 3D printing time and costs

Interested in Stratasys 3D Printers?

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