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Stratasys 3D Printing Recycling Program

By <a href="" target="_self">TriMech Marketing</a>

By TriMech Marketing

Posted on January 10, 2023

Did you know that Stratasys offers a 3D Printing Recycling Program to recycle your empty 3D printing spools, cartridges, and canisters?

Follow these recycling & returns instructions to return or recycle your used items. Stratasys items are marked with a “return recycle” sticker making it easy to identify what can be returned.

Items you can return: 

The recycling program accepts all of the items listed below.

  • Cartridges
  • Print engines
  • Canisters
  • Spools
  • Eden/Connex Cartridges *
  • Desktop PolyJet Printer containers *

*Please note that Eden/Connex cartridges and Desktop PolyJet containers are only accepted in the US.

Items not accepted:

  • PolyJet waste containers (not to be confused with empty material cartridges) are not accepted as part of the recycling and returns program. These items must be disposed of through proper Waste Disposal Providers. Contact your local waste disposal provider to learn more about your locations disposal requirements.

waste container

3D Printing Recycling Program Frequently Asked Questions

Are there special packing or shipping requirements?

Use the product’s original box if it is available. However, you can use any sturdy, intact box for shipping. Do not include packing foam or other non-recyclable materials.

Are there limits to how much I can recycle and/or return?

We do not limit how much you can recycle and/or return. However, to comply with FedEx shipping requirements, individual parcels may not exceed 600 x 600 x 760 mm (24 x 24 x 30 in.) or 32 kg (70 lbs.). For larger shipments, divide your recyclables and/or returns into multiple parcels.

What is the cost of returning empty cartridges, canisters, spools, and print engines?

Stratasys pays the cost of shipping to return your empty cartridges, canisters, spools, print engines within the U.S. and Canada.

Where will I ship my recyclables and returns?

To ship within the U.S. and Canada, complete the form to create a FedEx return shipping label, and follow the instructions provided.

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<h4>Written by <a href="" target="_self">TriMech Marketing</a></h4>

Written by TriMech Marketing

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