Which 3D Scanning Technology is Right for You?

Knowing which 3D scanner is right for your company and fits your needs can be overwhelming. Watch our on-demand webinar where we break down six different Artec 3D Scanners and their 3D scanning technology.

About the 3D Scanning Technology On-Demand Webinar

In our webinar TriMech Application Engineer, Greg Schotte, takes you on a tour of Artec 3D scanners. You get a quick overview including how scanners capture data and tips for what works and doesn’t work when scanning an object. Then he dives into the specifics for six different Artec scanners: Artec Micro, Space Spider, Eva Lite, Eva, Leo and Artec Ray. For each different machine, you learn about the resolution, strengths, weaknesses and notable features. By the end of this webinar, you will be prepared to choose which scanner best fits your application and needs.

In this webinar, Greg includes:

  • A discussion on structured light and how it works
  • Limitations of Artec Scanners
  • Workarounds for problem geometry
  • Differences between each scanner model
  • How to select the optimal scanner for your object