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GO Orthotics prioritizes customers by switching to 3D printing

By <a href="" target="_self">Stratasys Inc</a>

By Stratasys Inc

Posted on May 15, 2024

In orthotics, innovation meets efficiency with GO Orthotics diving into 3D printing. Founder Tim Ganley reveals how teaming up with Stratasys and their H350™ SAF™ technology printer changed their go to market game.

3D Printing for Better Orthotics

GO Orthotics took the lead in orthotic manufacturing by exploring 3D production. Tim says, “We just couldn’t do what we do now with traditional manufacturing methods. 3D printing really opened up new opportunities to create better outcomes for patients.” GO Orthotics looked beyond old-school methods of manufacturing to make improvements to their process.

Precision Printing with the H350 and PA11

The H350‘s SAF technology helped GO Orthotics save money without skimping on quality. Tim loves how the printer nests foot orthoses efficiently, cutting costs per part. The High Yield PA11 material, made from castor seeds, ensures top-notch finish, accuracy, and flexibility, boosting durability and therapeutic benefits.

Go Orthotics Collaboration

Designs Made Easy

Printing with PA11 lets GO Orthotics create intricate designs, giving clients more options. Tim adds, “We can make our orthotic designs much more intricate, varying thickness, adding reinforcing areas, and blending flexibility. Ultimately, 3D printing of orthotics has enabled greater choice for our clients when it comes to orthotic prescription and design specification.” GO orthotics can now play with file settings to get their clients the best possible parts.

Go Orthotics 3D Model

Go Orthotics 3D Model

Go Orthotics Trust in 3D Printing

GO Orthotics made sure clients were on board with the switch to 3D printing. By showing off positive results and addressing concerns, they built trust with key clients. The hands-off process of the H350 sped up production, freeing up staff for finishing touches and specialized custom covers and padding.

Go Orthotics Insoles

Go Orthotics Insoles

Raising the Bar in Orthotic Innovation

The combo of the H350 and PA11 material helped GO Orthotics set a new standard in custom orthotics. Their eco-friendly practices, in-house 3D printing, and Stratasys’ PA11 material make them pioneers in New Zealand’s orthotic scene. With Stratasys’ technology, they’re staying ahead of competitors in the market, meeting their business goals, and delivering cutting edge orthotics to patients quickly.

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Article by <a href="" target="_self">Stratasys Inc</a>

Article by Stratasys Inc

Stratasys is pioneering 3D printing for over 35 years. With game-changing production-ready technologies include PolyJet, FDM, SL, P3, and SAF, along with the largest collection of in-house printing materials available worldwide driven by advanced software solutions.