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Motorcycle Engine (HD)

This motorcycle engine 3D model was captured in high definition (HD) with an Artec 3D Scanner.

  • Scanning time: 12 minutes
  • HD reconstruction time: 18 minutes
  • Processing time: 40 minutes
  • Scanner used: Artec Leo

Dark, shiny, with lots of complex and small parts, this Honda bike engine would seem like a nightmare even for an experienced 3D scanning professional. Just look at how many intricate and thin elements it has! But this was not a problem for the powerful Artec Leo.

Boosted by the AI-injected feature of Artec Studio HD Mode, the scanner managed to capture all the tiny details of the engine in high resolution with no help from scanning spray or markers. If you zoom in and turn the model around you will see how accurately and sharply the scanner captured the thinnest parts of the radiator above the engine, as well as the rounded elements, thin cords, and wires on the side. Even the black rubber part located at one side of the engine was captured in full detail, inside and out.

Thanks to HD Mode, you can scan much more complex parts and be confident that you’ll get a high-quality and accurate 3D model every time.

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