Stratasys is Revolutionizing Injection Molding Applications

Watch as TriMech’s Additive Solutions Consultant, Rich Annino, demonstrates how the Stratasys Origin One is used for injection molding applications.

The Additive Manufacturing Industry has heard concerns for years regarding 3D Printers jumping in and taking the place of traditional manufacturing methods. In most cases, this is nonsense, as Additive tends to be a far better partner to traditional manufacturing than a 1:1 replacement.

Recently, though, with the introduction of some newer technologies, printers, and materials to the market, we’re closer than ever to this dream possibly becoming a reality!

During this Injection Molding Applications on-demand webinar

Learn how the Origin One is quickly becoming the Injection Molding Professional’s best friend with:

  • The Basics of Stratasys’ Origin One Technology
  • Ways in which the Origin One is capable of supporting, and in some cases replacing, Traditional Injection Molding
  • How the brand-new GrabCAD Print Support Generation fits into this equation