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Transforming Industrial Machinery Production with 3D Printing Services

By <a href="" target="_self">TriMech Marketing</a>

By TriMech Marketing

Posted on November 3, 2022

When it comes to industrial machinery production – be it scientific instruments, factory equipment or power tools, to name just a few – a multitude of different intricate parts will be needed to ensure the product will function as intended.

For industrial manufacturers of such equipment, there is a clear and common need for parts, however complex they may be, to deliver the robustness, consistency, accuracy, and repeatability to faithfully uphold the performance expectations and functionality of the product.

SAF Machine Part

Example Machine Part

Failure to ensure this could result in malfunction, which in turn could lead to extra costs and damage to the brand’s image. But the challenge for industrial machinery manufacturers doesn’t end there; the need for such parts to also be produced both timely and cost-effectively will always be an equally inherent objective.

With traditional manufacturing techniques, there is an immediate and accepted recognition that long lead times and high costs will typically be part and parcel of the process. Therefore, traditional manufacturing options often hinder
the industrial equipment manufacturers’ quest to streamline efficiencies across their production operations.

Reaching new frontiers in additive manufacturing

Thankfully, there is an alternative in the form of SAF 3D Printing, a new form of powder-based additive manufacturing (AM) technology and the culmination of over a decade of R&D. Using a single pass print-and-fuse process, industrial equipment manufacturers finally have the ability to produce robust end-use parts with the level of control, accuracy and repeatability expected from injection molding. Better still, SAF also achieves a ‘Holy Grail’ in its ability to enable the 3D printing of tens of thousands of consistent functional production parts – AND with a cost-per-part that frequently renders injection molding or CNC machining uncompetitive. When you add to the mix that those ten thousand parts can all be completely unique and customized, then for manufacturers the business case cannot be ignored.

With SAF technology, industrial equipment manufacturers can access the inherent benefits of a technology that delivers the production resiliency and agility increasingly demanded within a sector that continues to evolve and where adaptability is key.

Cometh the hour, cometh the machine

Stratasys has delivered its SAF technology via the H350™ 3D printer, engineered to deliver the accuracy, repeatability and process control demanded by industrial equipment manufacturers to meet their need for production consistency and competitive part costs.

Just like the manufacturing requirements of Stratasys’ own customers, the development and production of the H350 itself demanded consistent end-use parts with a superior level of accuracy and consistency to ensure the 3D printer was fit-for-purpose. Since each printer must operate in a uniform manner, it was critical that all of these parts function at the same high level, with a high degree of consistency. If one of these industrial components was out of tolerance, the H350’s wouldn’t perform properly. This would negatively impact the printer’s ability to achieve high production throughput and repeatability build-to-build and reproducibility printer to printer.

Customized industrial-grade parts printed on-demand

Printing with the H350 enabled a faster time to market and saved unnecessary production and transport fees. As compared to days or even weeks with traditional manufacturing, accurate end-use parts for the H350 were produced and ready for implementation within hours.

SAF Industrial Machinery Production

SAF Industrial Machinery Production

Industrial machinery production of End-use parts by the H350 machine for the H350 machine, comprise of the following:

It’s all in the details

The Powder Inlet Interface, the design for which was fine-tuned after multiple iterations. The part is located on the front of the powder container and interfaces with a hose on the powder barrel. This enables the machine to be filled with powder. To prevent powder leakage, the part must properly attach to the powder hose.

SAF Powder Inlet Part

SAF Powder Inlet Part

The accuracy of the hole’s position is vital so the holes can align with the screw locations on the printer. A groove is located underneath that can be attached to a gasket, providing a tight fit once installed. The dimensions of this production-grade part must be met within tight tolerances, and repeatability is essential.

Intricacy is key

The Ink Hose Flow Bend Clip, routes ink hoses in and out of printheads. The purpose of this part is to prevent the hose from kinking while maintaining a sharp bend. Although this is a standard industrial concept, the part was customized so it could accommodate the required angle in the limited space. This intricacy was achieved on the H350 through exact design specifications and the ability to print precisely.

SAF Hose Clip

SAF Hose Clip

SAF technology outperforms traditional manufacturing

The Powder Container Feed Flange is composed of an angled surface which interfaces with the curved powder container. This part doesn’t contain any flat surfaces and is angled on all three axes.

SAF Flange Part

SAF Flange Part

With traditional manufacturing technologies such as CNC Machining, these specific geometric requirements would be highly difficult to achieve. Additionally, the part must accommodate tolerances between the powder container and powder feed tube. As these complexities are supported by SAF, this part was accurately produced.

Re-establishing the modern-day supply chain

The PCB Stepper Controller Board was originally ordered from a supply chain vendor. Due to delays brought on by COVID-19, the original board was discontinued. This led the team to rethink the solution and utilize a new electronics board which required air cooling. In order to implement the cooling function, a needed to be mounted on the board.

SAF Stacking Parts

SAF Stacking Parts

The design team relied on the H350 to print a Circuit Board Bracket which could easily secure the fan to the board. The bracket was stiffened, and tolerances were tightened so it could be clamped correctly on the board. This bracket occupies a minimum amount of space and doesn’t require any screws or tools – which simplifies product assembly. Without the capability to print parts on-demand with the H350, this problem would not have been resolved. Additionally, the bracket was extremely cost-efficient, with 132 brackets nested in the same build. This led to a spend of only $4.15 USD per part.

Consistency, impact-resistance and complete control over the production process

By printing industrial machinery production end-use parts on the H350, the builds were finished within a matter of hours, which saved weeks for the parts to arrive. With regards to the circuit board bracket, supply chain setbacks no longer posed a threat to complete production of the printer.

In addition to producing the parts on-demand, it was essential that they exhibited consistency, accuracy, and repeatability. This was successfully achieved with the H350. The unwavering confidence in the strength and durability of these parts is exemplified by their implementation in every H350 3D printer.

Industrial Machinery Production for your business

Check out our SAF 3D Printing Service to learn more about the production process and benefits of on-demand 3D printing from TriMech can deliver for your business.

Article by <a href="" target="_self">TriMech Marketing</a>

Article by TriMech Marketing

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