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Cutting Edge Technology Hidden on a Quiet English Farm

By <a href="" target="_self">Wazer Waterjet</a>

By Wazer Waterjet

Posted on November 11, 2023

After spending 30 years at sea as a chief engineer, Kevin Slater opened Manor Farm Engineering in southwestern England. Kevin, a highly regarded Chartered Engineer, has years of practical experience, supplemented by a Masters Degree in Engineering (MEng) plus numerous specialist courses ranging from 3D CAD to Pollution Prevention.

Manor Farm Engineering has recently worked on several prototyping projects, for Frazer-Nash Consultancy and for the Ministry of Defense involving 3D printed metal assemblies, and PTFE and metal pieces produced on the WAZER.

Kevin purchased his WAZER from SolidPrint3D in the UK, one of WAZER’s network of global resellers, to help make parts for restoring steam engines for steam launches, and for flexibility in his machine shop. It has the versatility to accurately cut a wide variety of materials. He uses his WAZER to quickly and accurately cut such diverse materials as 316 stainless steel, 6mm steel, and numerous brass items which can be held down and easily fixtured in the WAZER without being marred.

“(The WAZER) is easier to set up and hold the work”

Wazer Parts Assembled

When compared to the other CNC technologies in his workshop, Kevin found the WAZER is much easier to set up, adding “nowadays I would turn to the WAZER rather than profiling it on the milling machine or laser cutter, because it is easier to set up and hold the work.” He also enjoys having the ability to cut anything in-house to meet deadlines or design changes, when outsourcing often requires a 2-week lead time.


Article by <a href="" target="_self">Wazer Waterjet</a>

Article by Wazer Waterjet

The first small waterjet cutter in a compact package. Yet it’s still industrial grade to CNC cut steel, stone, tile and glass.