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Prototyping Flies to New Heights with LOCTITE Resins

By <a href="" target="_self">TriMech Marketing</a>

By TriMech Marketing

Posted on November 15, 2022

TriMech P3 Advanced Manufacturing Services and LOCTITE resins are bringing 3D printing to the skies.

In a recent project, TriMech worked with ScaleBirds, a southeastern Connecticut company that specializes in creating replica, retro, and radial-engine powered aircraft.

Origin 3D Printed Grip

Origin 3D Printed Grip

Meeting design requirements

ScaleBirds needed an authentic reproduction of an iconic 1940’s joystick grip for their P-36 LiteFighter aircraft. Using the Stratasys Origin One 3D printer and a combination of LOCTITE IND406 Black and LOCTITE 3D 3843 White, TriMech was able to create parts that meet all the design and functionality requirements.

LOCTITE Application

3D Printed Part Requirements

Temperature Resistance

The interior of a sealed cockpit can reach up to 50 degrees Celsius on hot days, making temperature resistance a key consideration. With a temperature resistance of up to 100 degrees Celsius, LOCTITE IND406 was used for the body of the joystick grip.

Multicomponent Device

LOCTITE 3D 3843 White was used to create the trigger assembly of the joystick grip to provide a distinct color differential. Additionally, this material provides exceptional durability, making it ideal for such a high-touch component.

High Dimensional Accuracy

Detail was critical to this application to create a digital replica that accurately reflects the original part. LOCTITE IND406 offers the fine detail resolution needed to create the sharp diamond knurl texture, a process that would be incredibly costly using traditional manufacturing methods.

Learn more about LOCTITE resins and get your aerospace part printed

To learn more about LOCTITE IND406 and other materials in the LOCTITE 3D Printing portfolio, visit and connect with us to get your prototypes printed with a fast turn-around.

Article by <a href="" target="_self">TriMech Marketing</a>

Article by TriMech Marketing

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