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Should You Leverage Additive Manufacturing Services? 

By <a href="" target="_self">Sarah Smith</a>

By Sarah Smith

Posted on November 1, 2022

Additive Manufacturing Services are leading the fourth industrial revolution and are now an essential manufacturing solution for many different industries. Continuous technological advancements illuminate new applications and challenge industry leaders to rethink their processes.

3D printing has evolved from producing basic prototypes to end-use applications in advanced industries such as aerospace and medical. Harness the possibilities with these tools and keep your business at the forefront with the help of TriMech’s Advanced Manufacturing Services.

Additive manufacturing technologies

TriMech has more than 70 3D printers at three advanced manufacturing facilities for clients who need quick turnaround on quality printed parts and tools. TriMech sells and supports Stratasys 3D printers and post-processing equipment. We understand your needs and can advise you.

Additive manufacturing services

Which 3D process is the best for you? Each process was designed to solve a unique problem, therefore, they each have their own strengths. Industrial printers have efficient, high throughput capabilities. Let’s take a look at the strengths of each technology below:

  • PolyJet– for full color product design prototypes.
  • FDM – a workhorse in building durable end of arm parts, jigs, and fixtures.
  • Origin P3 is capable of smooth surface finish parts from specialty resins.
  • SAF and MJF create rugged complex geometry parts with chemical resistant properties
  • SLA outputs accurate appearance level resin part

Trusted results

The TriMech Advanced Manufacturing team has been assisting companies leverage 3D printing for decades. We are comprised of specialized experts who can help you to meet your 3D printing project needs. We empower clients with and without in-house resources by providing timely quality parts.

It’s common for a company to utilize more than one 3D printing process to leverage its strengths. Clients who have invested in machinery for their facilities send their supplemental 3D print jobs to TriMech Advanced Manufacturing Services (AMS).

A hybrid approach proves to be a valuable solution, as it capitalizes on allocating resources efficiently. For instance, a company who exclusively runs a material such as ULTEM 1010 in their FDM 3D printer may choose to outsource parts needed in other materials rather than swap them out each time. Or, perhaps your company’s machine is at maximum utilization and a few more parts are required to meet a tight deadline. Maybe you need specialized paint finishing services and don’t have that capability onsite. TriMech is your trusted partner for 3D printing as well as cast urethane, silicone casting, CNC machining, and custom finishing services.

Painted Part

SLA part with Custom Metal Appearance Paint

Expert guidance

TriMech takes pride in its cutting-edge technology offerings and knowledgeable staff. Our Advanced Manufacturing Services is a resource available to you that will allow you to respond nimbly to project and market demands. Whether it’s equipping your company with onsite tools or being your 3D printing partner, we are here to help.

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<h4>Written by <a href="" target="_self">Sarah Smith</a></h4>

Written by Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith is a Hardware Products Marketing Specialist for the TriMech Advanced Manufacturing business