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Wearable 3D Printed Dentures and Bridges

By <a href="" target="_self">TriMech Marketing</a>

By TriMech Marketing

Posted on May 30, 2023

Stratasys has taken the next steps in developing a new line of dental material which has been badged as “TrueDent”. This new groundbreaking material suite incorporates five new base colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, White, and clear) and its compatible support material. This is a game changer for 3D printed dentures. 

This new material suite also marks the first material lineup by Stratasys that has been cleared for use by the FDA (Class II). It is biocompatible and has met the requirements for permanent contact with mucosal membrane.

Produce highly aesthetic full dentures and affordable temporary crown and bridges, like never before.

Realistic and Quick 3D Printed Dentures

This material is only available on the J5 DentaJet series 3D printers and is positioned to transform the denture and temporary crown and bridge markets. The main attraction of switching to additive manufacturing to produce dentures and temporary crowns and bridges is the enhanced ability to single bodied parts with both high definition and high accuracy.

PolyJet technology has the unique ability to jet multiple materials in one build, offering endless color variations and material combinations all on one platform. These monolithic prints are printed in one piece, meaning there’s no chance of debounding between the teeth and base and the technician will no longer be required to spend hours tediously bonding and assembling parts post printing, saving on time and labor.

J5 DentaJet Dental 3D Printer

Patients appreciate the high-definition full color prints. PolyJet technology allows for photo realistic gingiva sections with the option to make adjustment to the colors and details such as, whitening or yellowing of the teeth, variable tooth translucency, and capillary mimicking making it very difficult to tell that they are prosthetics. To further this, the 10-micron slice height available on the J5 DentaJet offers superior surface quality and accuracy which results in a very well fitting, comfortable prosthetic.

Digital Workflow Advantages

The Stratasys J5 DentaJet offers high speed printing for dental materials, such as TrueDent, MED610, MED620, and MED625FLX. The J5 can achieve full color and clear models on one tray because it can run multiple materials at once. The J5 DentaJet was specifically designed with dental labs in mind, so it has features like algorithmic tray arrangement with a print volume of 1,174 cubic cm (71.64 cubic inches) and offers significant model throughput for busy labs.

Dental 3D Printing Software

Dental 3D Printing Software

The digital workflow is easy and simple to use. The software, GrabCAD Print allows you to easily grab pre-set colors and options or make individual adjustments based on client requests. It can save time with the option to autofit the parts on the tray for maximum yield and efficiency. With GrabCAD Print you can also calculate the amount of material needed, time of the print, and schedule and monitor jobs remotely with alert notifications to keep you in the loop.

J5 DentaJet Build Tray

J5 DentaJet Build Tray

Print 24 uniquely designed dentures unattended overnight on one single build. Allowing you to print orders on one tray without need for color match batching, consistently swapping out builds, and without worry about warp prior to curing, since PolyJet is cured at the time of jetting.

Comfortable yet Durable 3D Printed Materials

Understanding that these types of devices will be exposed to mechanical loading conditions, it is important to understand how they will behave in the real world compared to the traditional industry standards.

Flexural Modulus is an important mechanical property that relates stress and strain properties. In simple terms it can be defined as the tendency for a material to resist bending when mechanical load is applied. In respects to the flexural modulus, the material is required to resist >2000MPa and TruDent achieved a >2300MPa rating.

Wearable 3D Printed Denture

Wearable 3D Printed Denture

Another important physical property with dentures and oral prosthetics is water sorption and solubility. In respects to water sorption the targeted requirement was <40ug/mm^3, whereas the tested figure for TrueDent was <28ug/mm^3. In respects to the solubility requirement, TrueDent met the requirement of <1.1 ug/mm^3. These tests help illustrate the compliance of both mechanical and physical properties when exposed to their real-world application.

Saving Time and Money with TrueDent

Additive manufacturing is an important application for the dental industry because it offers the ability for medical professionals to iterate faster and cheaper which in turn reduces the parts time to market and patient satisfaction. Advancement in the additive technology and material development has allowed for the ability to produce incredibly realistic prosthetics which become completely unnoticeable when in use which aids in patient confidence. They also help improve patient satisfaction because they have a much better fit and are thus more comfortable to wear.

Download the Dental 3D Printing Guide

Full service, Removables, and C&B labs are seeing more efficient and quicker turnaround times on client orders finding an excellent return on investment. TriMech offers extended warranties, service contracts, and training courses to bring you extra peace of mind.

To learn more about TrueDent biocompatible 3D printers for dentures and removables, or our other dental materials for implantology, orthodontics, RPD patterns & models, implant cases and guides, C&B models, or clear aligner models and arches, contact our applications team to chat about what technology is the best fit for your lab.

Article by <a href="" target="_self">TriMech Marketing</a>

Article by TriMech Marketing

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