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Formlabs Fuse 1+ 30W

Designed for maximum output and minimum waste, Formlabs Fuse 1+ 30W is a compact SLS 3D printer that packs an industrial punch.

Fuse 1+ 30W Overview

The Formlabs Fuse 1+ 30W introduces an affordable journey into SLS 3D Printing. Now produce fully-functional parts with up to 70% recycled powder to maximize recyclability and optimize cost per part.

With final parts that combine strength, flexibility, and detail, Fuse 1 prints are ready for rigorous functional testing, or to ship ready-to-use products to customers.

Formlabs Fuse 1 3D printer

Formlabs Fuse 1+ Features

New SLS Materials

New materials enabled by the upgraded powder handling system

Material Properties

Enhanced mechanical properties by printing in an inert gas environment with nitrogen input.

Zero Waste, High ROI

Optimized packing density and powder recyclability enabling lower cost per part.

Affordable and Fast

Prints up to 2x faster than Fuse 1 thanks to its powerful 30-Watt laser and enhanced galvanometer system

Layer Thickness

110 microns / 0.004 in


Build Volume (W x D x H)

165 x 165 x 300 mm | 6.5 x 6.5 x 11.8 in

Formlabs Fuse 1+ 30W Benefits

Formlabs Fuse 1+ Operation

SLS, made manageable from wherever you are

During setup and printing, an intuitive Touch UI walks you through every step.

The touchscreen displays a live stream of the print bed so you can watch each new layer take shape. This camera view is also available from your computer in PreForm so you can monitor your print without leaving your desk.

Take control of your production across multiple locations and machines. Track print jobs and material flow all in one cloud-based Dashboard to ensure minimum downtime and maximum output.

Formlabs preform software

Simple, fast print set up

With Formlabs Preform print preparation software to import STL or OBJ part files, estimate print times, orient and arrange models, monitor your printers and upload job files.

PreForm’s part packing algorithms can automatically arrange many models in a build to maximize the packing density, reduce print time, and limit waste.

SLS 3D Printing

Reliable Printing

SLS 3D Printing works by fusing nylon powder layer by layer.

You can create interconnecting, complex designs with no need for support structures as the unused powder supports the parts during printing.

The Fuse 1+ offers competitive mechanical properties and surface finish without the prohibitive cost or hassle.

SLS recycling

All-in-one powder recycling and recovery

The Fuse Sift, combines part extraction, powder recovery, storage, and mixing in a single device.

Produce fully-functional parts with competitively high powder recyclability to enable less waste and lower cost per part.

Fuse Sift will dispense and mix used and new powder automatically so you can reduce waste and control your powder supply.

Formlabs SLS 3D Printing Process

SLS Process Step 1


Use the free print preparation software, PreForm, to import STL, OBJ, or 3MF files, orient models, estimate print times, and pack parts for optimized density, reducing print time and limiting waste.

SLS Process Step 2


Easily set up your Fuse 1+ 3D printer and achieve fast printing thanks to the 30W laser. Print same-day prototypes and enable small series manufacturing of durable end-use parts in under 24 hours.

SLS Process Step 3


All-in-one powder management station combines part extraction, powder recovery, storage, and mixing in a single device. Fuse Sift will dispense and mix used and new powder automatically so you can reduce waste and control your powder supply.


SLS Process Step 4


Fuse Blast is an advanced automated finishing solution for SLS parts that quickly removes powder and consistently delivers professional parts that are clean to the touch. Deliver a smooth, semi-gloss, and dye-ready surface finish with the polishing option.

Materials available for the Formlabs Fuse 1+ 30W

Formlabs SLS Materials

SLS Powders

Produce lightweight, strong and robust parts. Formlabs SLS powders have been developed to deliver peak performance while optimizing cost per part.

Includes Nylon 11 Powder, Nylon 11 Carbon Fiber (CF) Powder, Nylon 12 Powder, Nylon Glass Filled (GF) Powder, TPU 90A Powder, more to come.


Formlabs medical powders

Medical SLS Powders

Produce lightweight, strong and robust medical parts. Formlabs medical SLS powders have been developed to deliver peak performance while optimizing cost per part.

Includes Nylon 11 Powder, Nylon 12 Powder, TPU 90A Powder, plus more medical application powder to come.

Formlabs Fuse 1+ 30W 3D Printer Specs

Technology: Selective Laser Sintering

Build Volume: (W x D x H) 165 x 165 x 300 mm, 6.5 x 6.5 x 11.8 in

Layer Thickness: 110 microns, 0.004 in

Build Speed: 10 mm / hour, 0.39 in / hour

Laser Type: Ytterbium Fiber

Laser Spot Size (FWHM): 200 microns (0.0079 in)

Material Refresh Rate: 30% – 50%

Minimum Access Dimensions (W × D × H): 125.5 × 149.5 × 187.0 cm, 49.4 × 59.0 × 73.6 in

Printer Dimensions (W × D × H): 64.5 × 68.5 × 107 cm (165.5 cm with stand), 25.4 × 27.0 × 42.0 in (65.0 in with stand)

Weight: 114 kg (without build chamber or powder), 251.3 lb (without build chamber or powder)

Startup Time: 60 minutes

Alerts: Touchscreen alerts and tracking, SMS/email via Dashboard, Live video feed with computer vision. Proactive maintenance alerts

Operating Environment: 18 – 28 ºC, 68 – 82 ºF ≤ 30% ambient humidity

Operating Temperature: 200 ºC, 392 ºF

Temperature Control: Quartz tube heating elements, Positive temperature coefficient (PTC) cartridges

Air Handling: Pressure-controlled two-stage filtration (Replaceable HEPA and carbon mediums)

Power Requirements EU: 230 VAC, 7.5 A (dedicated circuit), US: 120 VAC, 15 A (dedicated circuit)

Galvanometers: Formlabs Custom

Laser Specifications: Ytterbium Fiber, rated to > 10,000 hrs; EN 60825-1: 2014 certified, Class 1 Laser Product, 1065 nm wavelength. Maximum 10 Watts, 4.01 mrad beam divergence (nominal, full angle). Laser Spot Size (FWHM) 200 microns, .008 in

Radiation Information: The Fuse 1 is a Class 1 Laser product. Accessible radiation is within Class 1 limits.

Connectivity: Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz), Ethernet (1000 Mbit), USB 2.0

Printer Control: 10.1” interactive touchscreen, 1280 × 800 resolution

Formlabs SLS Printer Comparison

Compare the Formlabs Fuse Series 3D Printers

FeatureFuse 1+ 30WFlex 1
Laser Type 30 Watt Fiber Laser
Unlocks Same-Day, In-House 3D Printing
10 Watt Fiber Laser
Unlocks Reliable, In-House 3D Printing
Material CompatibilityComplete Powder Range
All Core Powders + Nylon 11 CF Powder
Core Powder Range
Nylon 11, Nylon 12, and Nylon 12 GF Powders
Print Environment Options Inert Gas and Air
Inert Gas Enhances Material Properties and Recyclability
One Option. Easy Setup.
EfficiencyZero Waste Printing
Enabled by High Print Density and Material Recyclability
Low Waste Printing
Enabled by High Print Density


Formlabs 3D Printers are used in a wide variety of industry applications

Reverse Engineering

  • Product design
  • Customization
  • 3D documentation

Industrial design and manufacturing

  • Reverse engineering
  • Quality control
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Aerospace

Medical and Life Sciences

  • Orthopedics
  • Prosthetics
  • Plastic surgery
  • Custom wheelchairs

Science and education

  • Research
  • Training
  • Online museums

Art and design

  • Heritage preservation
  • Architecture
  • CGI
  • Fashion

Example Parts

Example SLS 3D printer prototypes and parts in a wide range of materials. Pick on the images below to enlarge:

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