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Formlabs Fuse Sift

Recycle powder, extract and clean your parts all within a dust-free easy to use system.

SLS Part Post-processing

The Fuse Sift is used as part of the post-processing stage of the SLS process.

Designed to be easy-to-use, the Sifts modular design simplifies the process of using the build chamber for part extraction, powder reclamation and refilling.

No other SLS system on the market provides the same level of functionality from one machine. A negative air pressure system keeps the powder within the Sift for a clean and tidy workspace.

Formlabs Fuse Sift front

Formlabs Fuse Sift Features

Safe to use

 The Fuse Sift has a HEPA filter keeping your workspace safe of any dust.

Easy to learn and use

The Fuse Sift is easy to use with a intuitive touch screen controller.

70% Powder Recycle

Recycle up to 70% of used powder during part extraction.

Compact System

Negative air pressure keeps powder inside, for easy access and cleanup.

Filter powder

Formlabs Fuse Sift’s sieve filters out particles to be remixed with new powder and reused in future prints.

Formlabs Fuse Sift Benefits

Formlabs Form Sift cleaning

Low waste

Produce fully-functional parts with up to 70% recycled powder to maximize recyclability and optimize cost per part. Formlabs Fuse Sift’s sieve filters out particles to be remixed with new powder and reused in future prints.


Fuse Sift build chamber

Build Chamber

A key component of the SLS process, the build chamber contains the powder of the material you are printing with keeping the sintered and unsintered parts contained during printing.

After the job is complete seamlessly transfer the build chamber to the sift were you can begin part extraction. Having a spare build chamber allows you to run a new job straight after the previous job boosting efficiency and reducing lead times.

Formlabs Fuse Sift workspace

A clean workspace

SLS post-processing can get messy, so the Fuse Sift incorporates an external vacuum.

The integrated hose and controls allow you to easily tidy up your workspace, clean off a build chamber, or remove debris from the sifter mesh. A standard hose socket means you can use any vacuum that is safe for use with fine powders.

For customers with environments that have more stringent safety requirements, an optional purchase of a ATEX / Class II Division 2 vacuum is available from Formlabs.

Formlabs Fuse Sift system

All-in-one powder recycling and recovery

The Formlabs Fuse Sift, combines part extraction, powder recovery, storage, and mixing in a single device.

Produce fully-functional parts with competitively high powder recyclability to enable less waste and lower cost per part.

Fuse Sift will dispense and mix used and new powder automatically so you can reduce waste and control your powder supply.

Formlabs SLS 3D Printing Process

SLS Process Step 1


Use the free print preparation software, PreForm, to import STL, OBJ, or 3MF files, orient models, estimate print times, and pack parts for optimized density, reducing print time and limiting waste.

SLS Process Step 2


Easily set up your Fuse 1+ 3D printer and achieve fast printing thanks to the 30W laser. Print same-day prototypes and enable small series manufacturing of durable end-use parts in under 24 hours.

SLS Process Step 3


All-in-one powder management station combines part extraction, powder recovery, storage, and mixing in a single device. Fuse Sift will dispense and mix used and new powder automatically so you can reduce waste and control your powder supply.


SLS Process Step 4


Fuse Blast is an advanced automated finishing solution for SLS parts that quickly removes powder and consistently delivers professional parts that are clean to the touch. Deliver a smooth, semi-gloss, and dye-ready surface finish with the polishing option.

Formlabs SLS Printer Comparison

Compare the Formlabs Fuse Series 3D Printers

FeatureFuse 1+ 30WFlex 1
Laser Type 30 Watt Fiber Laser
Unlocks Same-Day, In-House 3D Printing
10 Watt Fiber Laser
Unlocks Reliable, In-House 3D Printing
Material CompatibilityComplete Powder Range
All Core Powders + Nylon 11 CF Powder
Core Powder Range
Nylon 11, Nylon 12, and Nylon 12 GF Powders
Print Environment Options Inert Gas and Air
Inert Gas Enhances Material Properties and Recyclability
One Option. Easy Setup.
EfficiencyZero Waste Printing
Enabled by High Print Density and Material Recyclability
Low Waste Printing
Enabled by High Print Density

Formlabs Fuse Sift Specs

Printer Compatibility: Fuse 1+

Dimensions: 99.1 × 61.0 × 188.8 cm, 39.0 × 24.0 × 61.8 in

Height when open: 190 cm (75 in)

Fuse Sift Dimensions (W × D × H): 99.1 × 61.0 × 188.8 cm, 39.0 × 24.0 × 61.8 in

Build Chamber Dimensions (W × D × H): 27.9 × 34.2 × 48.9 cm, 11.0 × 13.5 × 19.3 in

Minimum Access Dimensions (W × D × H): 221.1 × 122.0 × 218.0 cm, 87.1 × 48.0 × 85.8 in

Fuse Sift Weight: 93 kg (without build chamber or powder), 205 lb (without build chamber or powder)

Build Chamber Weight: 11 kg (17.6 kg, full with 20% packed powder), 24.3 lb (38.8 lb, full with 20% packed powder)

Air Filtration Technology: Replaceable HEPA filter

Build Volume (W × D × H) 16.5 x 16.5 x 30.0 cm (with radiused corners), 6.5 × 6.5 × 11.8 in (with radiused corners)

Vacuum Requirements: Auxiliary vacuum with static dissipative components that is grounded and bonded (e.g., a NFPA 652 compliant vacuum)

Connectivity: Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz), Ethernet (1000 Mbit), USB 2.0

Ethernet Connectivity: RJ-45 Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T) LAN port. Connect with a shielded Ethernet cable (not included): minimum Cat5, or Cat5e or Cat6 for 1000BASE-T.

Wi-Fi Connectivity: Protocol: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, Frequency: 2.4 GHz

Supported security: WPA/WPA2, USB Connectivity USB (rev 2.0) B port with a USB A-B cable

Sound Emission: Does not exceed 76.5 dB(A), Fuse Sift Control Interactive touchscreen, physical buttons

Fresh Powder Hopper Capacity 10.7 kg Nylon 12, 23.6 lb Nylon 12

Used Powder Hopper Capacity 9.8 kg Nylon 12, 21.6 lb Nylon 12

Operating Environment: 18 – 26 ºC, 68 – 80 ºF, ≤ 30% ambient humidity

Air Handling: Negatively pressurized hood with replaceable HEPA filter, Independent venting system

Air Filtration: Replaceable HEPA medium

Power Requirements: With a vacuum that draws less than 6 A (230 VAC) / 12 A (120 VAC): EU: 230 VAC, 7.5 A (dedicated circuit) US: 120 VAC, 15 A (dedicated circuit) With a vacuum that draws more than 6 A (230 VAC) / 12 A (120 VAC) EU: 230 VAC, 10 A (dedicated circuit), US: 120 VAC, 20 A (dedicated circuit)


Formlabs 3D Printers are used in a wide variety of industry applications

Reverse Engineering

  • Product design
  • Customization
  • 3D documentation

Industrial design and manufacturing

  • Reverse engineering
  • Quality control
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Aerospace

Medical and Life Sciences

  • Orthopedics
  • Prosthetics
  • Plastic surgery
  • Custom wheelchairs

Science and education

  • Research
  • Training
  • Online museums

Art and design

  • Heritage preservation
  • Architecture
  • CGI
  • Fashion

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