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Onulis Post Processing for Resin Waste

By <a href="" target="_self">Rich Annino</a>

By Rich Annino

Posted on November 29, 2023

Onulis Post Processing tabletop machines make waste resin processing simple, safe and affordable. The Onulis WRAP was created primarily to solve a problem: How do I safely dispose of my waste resin?

There are two primary functions of the WRAP units, to cure waste resin and to cure green state parts. Each version has a few models to choose from. This is an overview of each model currently available and the features you can expect.

If you’d like an in-depth visual overview of the products, watch our Onulis Demo video below:

Types of Onulis WRAP

WRAP and WRAP Plus

The WRAP is a hands off, easy way to dispose of your UV curable waste resin. The WRAP waste resin printer transforms your remaining, expired, or waste liquid resin into a solid piece that can be thrown out in your household waste. This is a great alternative to the methods being used today.

Save your teams time and frustration with manual drying and baking methods and skip the costly waste handling services. By bringing waste handling in house you can free up budget being spent on expensive hazardous waste pick up services and save your team time and money.

Onulis WRAP W7500

Onulis WRAP printed resin for disposal

The WRAP and WRAP Plus units use an internal axial system that turns a cardboard core tube within the unit as liquid resin droplets are dispensed onto the tube. The UV lights inside of the unit cure the resin into a hard substance. As the tube rotates, the hardened resin builds up layer by layer until the waste resin vat is empty. The WRAP products are equipped with an easy-to-use digital interface which is intuitive and requires minimal training to get started.

The WRAP and WRAP Plus are well paired with 3D printing technologies such as PolyJet, SLA, and DLP / P3.

Where does the WRAP Plus come into play?

The WRAP resin vats differ based on the viscosity of the resin. It’s an easy process to identify which vat is needed with their viscosity tool. Users who print in a wide variety of resin types can benefit from the WRAP Plus since it comes with all three viscosity vats, ensuring you’ll always have the components needed to properly cure.


The WRAP Cure builds on the capabilities of the base WRAP, adding the ability to UV cure parts. The WRAP can be quickly swapped over to the Cure mode by removing the axial tube and inserting the rotating curing table, a process that takes less than five minutes.

Onulis WRAP front

Onulis WRAP

The unit then uses its high-power UV lights and microprocessor to slowly cure the parts. The great thing about the translucent rotating curing table is that it allows UV light to reach all faces of your printed part, meaning there’s less flipping and handling required. While the overall cure time may increase, the handling time is much more efficient making it well worth the wait.

The WRAP Cure adds value to your 3D printing workflow by giving you access to cure parts without the investment or footprint of an additional unit.

Onulis WRAP Cure certified table

Onulis WRAP Cure certified rotating table

WRAP Cure Certified

How do you take the WRAP Cure to the next level? Add certified, traceable, production DLP curing. This allows ISO 9000 certified users to take full advantage of the WRAP Cure. The extra UV lamp means more power to cure parts automatically, thoroughly and with repeatability.

The WRAP Cure Certified unit pairs well with the Stratasys Origin One, as they can cure the full build tray of parts.

Onulis WRAP Cure Certified

Onulis WRAP Cure Certified

The Onulis WRAP and Onulis WRAP Cure products are a welcome post processing addition to your resin 3D printing workflow. Contact us today for a quote.

Article by <a href="" target="_self">Rich Annino</a>

Article by Rich Annino

Rich Annino is an Additive Manufacturing Solutions Consultant from TriMech