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What’s New in Artec Studio 18?

By <a href="" target="_self">Brian Metzger</a>

By Brian Metzger

Posted on December 6, 2023

This month saw the release of Artec Studio 18, the latest release of the Artec Studio Professional software for 3D scanning. For years, Artec has led the 3D scanning industry in creating powerful, easy to learn tools. This year’s release gave us some notable changes and improvements that we will highlight in this blog post.

New Features in Artec Studio 18

UI Facelift

Artec Studio has maintained a consistent layout and workflow for years. This year we see substantial changes to simplify and improve the user interface.

The most notable updates are in the Tools toolbar. Several selections have been simplified and streamlined.

  • Registration is a new single option that replaces Fast Registration, Rough Serial Registration, Global Registration, and Photo Registration
    • Fast and Rough Registration are older options that are rarely needed in scan post-processing, so users can mostly ignore them.
    • Default settings will results in a Global Registration.
    • The tools are “smart” and will recognize when data comes from a different scanner model.
  • Smart Fusion replaces Fast Fusion, Smooth Fusion and Sharp Fusion. This intelligent option will adjust to user needs.
    • Within the Smart Fusion tool is a setting for “Sharpness”. This setting allows users to make a selection analogous to the old Sharp Fusion and Smooth Fusion
  • Mesh Optimization combines Remove Small Objects and Mesh Simplification into a single click
  • Auto Mode improves the process to automate several steps. This allows users to let the computer work unattended.
  • A new Quick Connect Toolbar is added to the bottom of the interface, giving quick access to commonly used tools
Artec Studio 18 Fusion

Artec Studio 18 Fusion

Scan Decimation

The new Scan Decimation tool allows users to shrink the file size of raw scan data before continuing with post processing steps like Registration and Fusion.  This will be a huge benefit for large scan jobs where post processing can be very time consuming, or for new users who tend to over scan.

New Reverse Engineering Tools

In the last several versions, Artec has been adding the ability to fit basic CAD features to scan data for simple reverse engineering tasks.  In the past this was limited to simple CAD primitives like planes, cones, spheres, and cylinders.

Artec Studio 18 contains several improvements to these tools including the ability to add Fillets, Chamfers, and draft angles to CAD bodies.  We can also now convert CAD bodies to Mesh bodies.

My personal favorite new feature is Thickness.  This allows us to take a non-watertight scan and make it manufacturable by adding a uniform thickness to the entire body.  This will be ideal for thin-walled bodies like sheet metal and injection molded parts.  We can save time by scanning only one side of the object and create a watertight body from a single scan.

Artec Studio 18 Thin Wall

Artec Studio 18 Thin Wall

Speed Improvements

In most years, the most important new improvements to Artec’s software are invisible optimizations to the post processing algorithms.  To the users, nothing noticeably changes.  But under the hood, every scan is processed faster and asks less of the computer’s hardware.

This year is no different.  New improvements to HD Mode and other activities will reduce the time it takes to go from start to finish on any scan job.  These can be the most important reasons to upgrade.

Need a Consultation?

Interesting in upgrading to Artec Studio 18? Contact our team for valuable insight on if it’s right for you. Our team provides one on one consultations to ensure that you get the best products for your projects, from 3D scanners, 3D scanning software products, training sessions, and technical support.

Contact the TriMech 3D Scanning team today!

Article by <a href="" target="_self">Brian Metzger</a>

Article by Brian Metzger

Brian Metzger has been an Application Engineer with TriMech since 2013. He received his CSWP in 2013 and became an Elite AE in 2015. He is the Technical Lead on 3D scanning and is an expert with simulation products.