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Stratasys ProAero

Stratasys 3D printer professional air extraction system for the office or industrial space

Stratasys ProAero


For office environment 3D printing

The ProAero is compatible with Stratasys J35™ Pro, J55™ Prime and the Stratasys Origin One for office environment 3D printing. Use the ProAero to ensure that clean air and low noise pollution is always maintained in the workplace.

The unique filtration system is designed to block out both the noise and odor that can sometimes be irritating or unpleasant during the printing process, especially if you’re working inside of a small space with poor ventilation.

HEPA Filter


Small Footprint

Stratasys ProAero Product Specifications 
Capacity75 m³/h (44CFM)
Airflow/Pressure150m3/h (88CFM)
Weight10.5 kg (23.1 lbs)
Fan Output100 W
Electrical Supply115-230 V
Full Load Current2.0 A
Noise LevelBelow 57 dBA (at typical operating speed)
Size413 x 298 x 283 mm; 16.3 x 11.7 x 11.1 in
Temperature+5˚C to +40˚C; +41˚F to +104˚F
HumidityMax 80% relative humidity (RH) up to 31˚C; Max 50% RH at 40˚C


Filter TypeFilter ConstructionFilter Efficency
Pre FilterPadF7 (96% @ 2 microns)
Combined Filter HEPAMaxipleat Construction with Webbing Spacers99.997% @ 0.3 microns

ProAero for these Stratasys 3D Printers

Stratasys J35 pro standing

Stratasys J35

Stratasys J5 MediJet 3D Printer

Stratasys J55

Stratasys Origin One front

Stratasys Origin One

Stratasys ProAero Plus

Stratasys ProAero+

For industrial and enterprise level 3D printing

The ProAero+ is compatible with the Stratasys J8/J7 and Connex series printers for industrial and enterprise level 3D printing. Use ProAero+™ with your market leading Stratasys J8 Series PolyJet 3D printers and you can rest assured that no impurities will make their way back inside your system; clean air is maintained throughout the 3D printing process, even at Enterprise level.

As contaminated air enters the drop out chamber, it is pulled through a HEPA filter ensuring that clean air is maintained throughout the 3D printing process.

HEPA Filter

Advanced carbon filter (ACF) technology

Multi voltage sensing (MVS) unit

Key Features of the Stratasys ProAero+

  • VOC gas sensor (Volatile Organic Compound)
  • VOC signal
  • Extended life carbon for low cost of ownership
  • Auto sensing voltage (90-257v) for global use
  • Low noise level
  • Specially treated carbon for safe containment of print fumes
  • Compact size enables extraction unit to be positioned within the printer footprint
  • Small footprint
  • Powder coated for durability
  • Castors for portability
  • Filter change indicator
  • Digital speed control
  • Filter change signal

Stratasys ProAero Specifications

Product SpecificationsEUUS
Dimensions (HxWxD) without silencer box625 x 385 x 525 mm24.60 x 15.16 x 20.67 in
Cabinet constructionPowder coated mild steelPowder coated mild steel
Airflow / pressure380m3/hr / 96mbar223cfm / 96mbar
Electrical data90 – 257v Single-phase 1~ 50/60Hz
Full load current: 12.5 amps/ 1.1kw
90 – 257v Single-phase 1~ 50/60Hz
Full load current: 12.5 amps/ 1.1kw
Noise level< 65dBA (at typical operating speed)< 65dBA (at typical operating speed)


HEPA / gas filter specifications 
Treated activated carbon20kgs (44 lbs)
Filter mediaBorosilicate
Filter housingZintec mild steel
Surface media area3.5m² approx (37.66 ft²)

Stratasys ProAero Benefits

Air quality

Creates a Safe Environment

Maintaining a safe and clean working environment is always a top priority when working with 3D printing materials. Stratasys ProAero™ and ProAero+™ extractor units ensure clean air is maintained throughout the printing process, with unique filtration systems that meet airborne emissions standards and optimize productivity.

HEPA filter

HEPA Filter

The intuitive, compact design and built-in HEPA filter ensures any particles or fumes generated from your print will be captured and cleaned before being recirculated back into your production environment. Low noise, low power consumption, integral speed control and easy integration with all compatible Stratasys PolyJet Printers – what more could you possibly need?

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