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Stratasys ProSurface Sand-Blaster

Perfect your PolyJet 3D printed parts with precision surface finishing

Surface Finishing solution for PolyJet models

In-house post-processing for Stratasys J3, J5, and J7/J8 series 3D printers

Stratasys ProSurface maximizes the appearance of your PolyJet flexible and rigid 3D printed parts. With its double media channel, dust aspirator and foot pedal, this advanced system offers unparalleled post-processing capabilities.

Whether you’re looking to enhance the shape, color, size, texture, or any other characteristics of your PolyJet models, the ProSurface™ is here to help.

Stratasys ProSurface machine

Stratasys ProSurface Features

Dual media blasting

Choose from two channels with the ability to select optimum media types based on size and abrasive level

Built in pressure precision feature

You can set the exact blasting pressure needed for each part, ensuring consistent and precise post-processing results.


Small footprint

A desktop solution with overall dimensions of 800 x 600 x 950 mm / 31.5 x 23.6 x 37.5 in

Safe to use

Fully enclosed system with air pressure system is safe to use in your facility

Safeguard your valuable intellectual property

In-house post-processing solution reduces costs and saves time that would otherwise be spent on outsourcing.

Stratasys ProSurface Sand-Blaster Benefits

ProSurface pineapple before and after

End-to-end Solution

With the ProSurface™ system’s in-house, end-to-end solution, you can achieve an exceptionally smooth surface finish, even on silicone-like textures and flexible models. You also have the flexibility to apply a clear coating, ensuring a consistent matte or glossy appearance on your printed parts.

Smart speaker parts

Applications and Compatibility

The ProSurface™ system is versatile and compatible with all PolyJet parts, making it an optimal choice for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re working on packaging, electronics casings, figurines, medical devices, education and research projects, lighting components, kitchen tools, or sports products, the ProSurface™ system can help you achieve exceptional post-processing results. Its compatibility ensures that you can seamlessly integrate it into your existing workflow.

Sand blasting

Safety and Cleanliness

At Stratasys, we prioritize the safety and cleanliness of your workspace. The ProSurface™ system includes safety glass for secure operation and optimal visibility of the chamber interior. Permanent internal gloves maintain a clean environment while using the system.

The sandblaster also features two containers for different-sized media, an aspirator to extract debris, and a foot pedal for easy operation. With these safety and cleanliness features, you can work confidently and maintain a tidy workspace

Spray model

Elevating Your PolyJet Parts

In-house post-processing with ProSurface, as the initial step, prepares the model, unifying its entire geometry before the second optional stage – clear coating (matte or glossy). Stratasys Post-Process Procedure is available in our Best Practices guide that will take you from print to final model.

With the Stratasys ProSurface™ Desktop Sand-Blaster System, you can enhance the appearance of your 3D printed parts, improve the touch and feel of your flexible parts, streamline your workflow, and protect your valuable intellectual property, all in-house.

Compatible Materials

Vero opaque part

Vero Family

The Vero materials are available in single or full color, producing parts quickly & economically with excellent fine feature detail.

Agilus30 material colors


Stratasys Agilus30™ is a PolyJet™ rubber-like 3D printing material with superior tear resistance & withstanding repeated flexing and bending.

Elastico material


Learn why Stratasys Elastico™ material is a superior rubber-like PolyJet™ photopolymer ideal for advanced design verification and rapid prototyping.

For PolyJet 3D Printers

Stratasys J35 pro standing

Stratasys J3 Series

Stratasys J5 MediJet 3D Printer

Stratasys J5 Series

Stratasys J826 front view

Stratasys J8 Series

Stratasys ProSurface Sand-Blaster Specifications

Product SpecificationsInternational systemImperial units
Voltage100÷240±10% V100÷240 ±10% V
Frequency50/60 Hz50/60 Hz
Max. absorbed current5,5 A5,5 A
Total power550 W550 W
Maximum Pressure of inlet air6 bar (0.6 MPa)87.02 psi
Operating pressure0.5÷6 bar (=0.05÷0.6 MPa)7.25÷87.02 psi
Sandblaster depth580 mm22.83 in
Sandblaster width520 mm20.47 in
Sandblaster height590 mm23.23 in
Sandblaster net weight264.78 N (= 27 kgf)59.5 lb
Aspirator depth420 mm16.5 in
Aspirator width220 mm9.0 in
Aspirator height460 mm18.11 in
Aspirator net weight166.71 N (= 17 kgf)37.5 lb
Vibrations0.07 m/s20.23 ft/s2
Average sound pressure level LpA75.3 dB(A)75.3 dB(A)
Packaging dimensions of Sandblaster + Aspirator800 x 600 x 950 mm31.5 x 23.6 x 37.5 in
Packaging weight of Sandblaster + Aspirator on plastic pallet588.4 N (= 60 kgf)132.68 lb


Grain size of sand to be usedInternational systemImperial units
Grain size of sand to be used
(white container + silver-colored handpiece)
50÷125 μm1.97÷4.92 mil
Grain size of sand to be used
(red container + red handpiece)
125÷250 μm4.92÷250 mil


Replaceable fuse 
T: Slow acting fuse
L: Low breaking capacity
5×20: Diameter 5 mm (= 0.2 in), Length 20 mm (= 0.79 in)
Max. allowable variation with respect to the nominal voltage: ±10%
T 6.3A L 250V 5×20


Pneumatic supply lineInternational systemImperial units
Non-condensing compressed air– – – – – –
Internal hose diameter6 mm0.24 in
External hose diameter8 mm0.31 in


Environmental conditions for useInternational systemImperial units
Ambient temperature15÷35 °C59÷95 °F
Relative humidity (no condensation)10%÷80% (*)10%÷80% (*)
Atmospheric pressure800÷1060 mbar800÷1060 mbar
Max. height2000 m a.s.l.6.561.68 ft a.s.l.


Environmental conditions for storageInternational systemImperial units
Ambient temperature-10÷55 °C14÷131 °F
Relative humidity (no condensation)10%÷80%10%÷80%
Atmospheric pressure800÷1060 mbar800÷1060 mbar


Environmental conditions for storage of
abrasive products (sands)
International systemImperial units
Ambient temperature-10÷55 °C14÷131 °F
Relative humidity (no condensation)10%÷80%10%÷80%
Store indoors, in a dry area with adequate ventilation.  

Stratasys ProSurface FAQs

Get answers to frequently asked questions

  1. What are the compatible materials and systems for the ProSurface?
    Both rigid and flexible materials by Stratasys are compatible for ProSurface™. Where for rigid materials the result will be a smoothed, enhanced colors surface and for flexible a soft ‘silicone like’ feeling.
  2. Is the ProSurface process easy and fast?
    Depending on the size and complexity of the geometry to be post processed the procedure can be longer or shorter in general, the process is faster, easier and cleaner than any other manual/semi manual processes.
  3. Is the ProSurface easy to operate?
    Yes, very easy and intuitive. After filling the tanks with blaster media, the system is ready to use and only a few minutes of practice are required in order to understand how to operate.
  1. Do I need any site preparation in order to install the ProSurface unit?
    Yes. The ProSurface installation is simple, but air pressure system preparation is required prior to installation.
  2. How many parts can be processed simultaneously in the ProSurface?
    The platform can be entirely occupied by clean printed parts. Only one part can be post processed at time but all other parts can wait inside the chamber for its turn.

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